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Madonna of Caravaggio Shrine

Madonna of Caravaggio Shrine

Q: Is there a Marian shrine in Italy by the name of Madonna of Caravaggio?

A: There is indeed a Marian shrine in Italy by the name of Madonna of Caravaggio. It is based on a Marian apparition to Giovannette, daughter of Pietr Vaccli and wife of Francesco Varoli on May 26, 1432. Our Lady announced peace to Giovannette in her family, among the neighboring warring states and reconciliation between the Church in the East and West, through the Council of Florence (1436-1445). As memento of her presence she left the imprint of her feet on the stone where she stood. A spring of water sprung forth from under the stone. Eventually a modest shrine was built at the place of the apparition thanks to the Duke of Milan, Filberto Maria Viscouti. In 1575, Charles Borromeo employed the architect, Pellegrinio Pellegrinis to enlarge the sanctuary. Of course, Caravaggio is located in Northern Italy, in the region of Milan, and the sanctuary still exists and attracts many people.

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