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Madonna House

Madonna House

The Madonna House Apostolate is a family of Christian lay men, women, and priests, striving to incarnate the teachings of Jesus Christ by forming a community of love. Staff members of Madonna House come from all walks of life, from various countries and cultures, and have a wide variety of personalities and talents. They have in common a desire to serve God in a very humble way of life modeled on the holy family of Nazareth, which was a community of perfect charity and love.

Biographical Information

Founder: Catherine de Kueck Doherty

Foundation: 1947

Ecclesial Recognition: Approved by Diocese of Pembroke

Membership: Canada, United States, Grenada, Russia, Belgium, England

Membership: as of 2009, 250


Lay/Religious: priests, lay men and women

Individual/Community: Community; Public Association of Christian faithful

Commitment/Vows: Members follow the "Little Mandate" which the foundress received from Christ

Purpose and Activities

Overall Purpose: Support of the lay apostolate through training at the Mother House in Pembroke, Ontario and in field houses scattered around the world.

Apostolic commitments:

Marian Characteristics

Major Inspirations: Members invoke Mary as Our Lady of Combermere

General Marian Characteristics: Mary

Spiritual\Devotional Exercises:

Pastoral/Apostolic Endeavors:


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