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Lipa Apparitions

Lipa Apparitions

Q: What is the history behind the apparitions at Lipa? Have they been approved by the Catholic Church?

A: The apparitions of Lipa occurred in the Philippines in 1948 to a religious woman, Sr. Teresita, Carmelite novice, of ninteen years. There were a total of fifteen reported apparitions. Mary appeared in white robes and held a golden rosary. Hovering on a cloud, hands folded or outstretched, she told the seer: "I am Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace."

Apparition of Mary in a white robe with arms outstretched.

On September 15, 1948 [the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows], rose petals fell from heaven, the petals sometimes bearing effigies of Jesus and Mary. Reportedly, many conversions and healings occurred. Initial recognition by the Bishop of Lipa was followed by a subsequent negative final decision.

Photograph of rose petals bearing effigies of Jesus and Mary on them.

There exist attempts to reopen the case and reinvestigate these events. See for example, June Keithley, Lipa, with the original account of the events at Lipa Carmel in 1948 by Mother Mary Cecilia of Jesus, O.C.D., Manila 1992.

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