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Legionaries of Christ

Legionaries of Christ

Regnum Christi (Latin for “Kingdom of Christ”) is a group, or movement, within the Catholic Church that helps people to live their faith deeply and to get involved in works of service that assist people with the hope of bringing them closer to Our Lord. Regnum Christi shares the spirituality and working principles of the Legionaries of Christ, a religious congregation of priests and men preparing for the priesthood. The Regnum Christi family includes consecrated members, laypeople, diocesan priests and permanent deacons.

Biographical Information

Founder: Father Marcial Marciel

Foundation: 1941

Ecclesial Recognition: Received canonical approval by the Holy See on May 25, 1947

Membership: Present in 23 countries in Europe, Australia and North and South America


Lay/Religious: priests and seminarians

Individual/Community: community


Purpose and Activities

Overall Purpose: A religious Congregation of priests and students for the priesthood who aspire to make Jesus Christ the model of their lives and to extend His Kingdom by striving for holiness and by means of apostolic activity.

Apostolic commitments: Education and teaching at all levels. Pastoral attention to youth and families. Catechesis and preaching of retreats . Evangelization and mission work, particularly in the Prelature of Cancún-Chetumal, Supporting bishops in the formation of diocesan seminarians and in the ongoing formation of their priests. Attention to the underprivileged, Spiritual attention to Regnum Christi members.

Marian Characteristics

Major Inspirations:

General Marian Characteristics: A Legionary fosters a tender and filial love for Mary, the Mother of the Church

Spiritual\Devotional Exercises:

Pastoral/Apostolic Endeavors:


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