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Latin American Mary Plants

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300 Tropical And Semi-tropical Trees, Shrubs, and Plants With Religious Names

Compiled from a survey of floras, prlncipally Latin American, and translated into English. Geographical, descriptive, and cultural information is available in Bailey's Hortus Second (H2) and Graf's Exotica 3 (E3), and sources for plants and seeds in the Massachusetts HorticuItural Society's Plant Buyer's Guide 6th Edition (G6), as indicated.



Literature reporting the origins of the religious names in Scripture, liturgy, theology, the missions and popular religious tradition, and describing their present-day restoration to prayerful use in outdoor and miniature indoor Mary Gardens is to be found in this website.

Also available are detailed instructions for growing many of the tropical and semi-tropical plants listed as house plants in pots or dish Mary Gardens in the colder middle-latitude climates of North America and Europe.

Copyright Mary's Gardens 1965, 1996

The John Stokes and Mary's Garden collection was transferred to the Marian Library in May 2013. In addition to his archives, manuscripts, artwork, and personal library, John S. Stokes also donated his extensive website. It was transferred to the Marian Library in 2010. This particular entry is archived content original to Stokes' Mary's Gardens website. It is possible that some text, hyperlinks, etc. are outdated.


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