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Intercessor, Mary's Role as

Mary's Role as Intercessor

Q: If God was able to take care of everything before Mary, why does he now need a "facilitator and intercessor"?

A: There is no need in God -- only fullness. If he appoints Mary to be his Son's mother, it is not because he could not have done otherwise. His designs on our behalf are motivated by love, the "need" to communicate some of his fullness to us. Mary's intercession is part of this sharing of his love. He involves her with his love for us. Similarly, he calls the faithful -- the ones who love him sincerely -- to be his "left hand" or voice or eyes in this world. This is the beauty of "God with us."

On the other hand, if God does not need Mary ... we may need her. Again, we are not talking about a mandatory dependence where God is replaced by one of his creatures, be it the most excellent of them. But we should be grateful to have examples and models of what it means to be a God-loving person. That is what Mary stands for. Don't we need all the friends we can get?

As long as we view and understand the relationship between God and us as structured according to principles of authority and power only, the mediation or intercession of Mary will not add up to much, for naturally God is omnipotent and doesn't need anyone but himself. If, however, we see that relationship in the context of his mercy, saving love, abasement, and our aggrandizement, thanks to his Incarnation, this new meaning is instilled in the action of mediation.

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