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Immaculate Heart of Mary, Feast of the

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

– Compiled under the direction of Father Johann Roten, S.M.

This index of material included in the All About Mary website, brings together resources that pertain to this feast. Additional resources may also be available by using the provided search tools.

Liturgical memorial on the Saturday after the Second Sunday after Pentecost. (The Gospel reading for the memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is obligatory. It is Luke 2:41-51.)

Mary's Life

The Life of Mary: Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

She heard Simeon foretelling … that her Son would be a sign of contradiction and that a sword would pierce the mother's soul, that out of many hearts, thoughts might be revealed. (cf. Lk 2:34-35)

Here Jesus lets us catch a glimpse of the mystery of his total consecration to a mission that flows from His divine sonship: "Did you not know that I must be about my Father's work?" (Lk 2:49 alt) Mary and Joseph did not understand these words, but they accepted them in faith. Mary "kept all these things in her heart" during the years Jesus remained hidden in the silence of an ordinary life.

See: Magisterial Documents: The Life of Mary (Presentation of Jesus in the Temple)


Votive Mass: The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Excerpts from the introductory commentary to the Mass, Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary
See: Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Ordinary Time)

Magisterial Documents

Exploring the Mystery of the Church
Address of Pope Paul VI at the close of the Third Session of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, November 22, 1964. In this document, Pope Paul VI refers to Pope Pius XII’s dedication of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
See: Exploring the Mystery of the Church

Signum Magnum (The Great Sign)
Apostolic Exhortation On Venerating and Imitating the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church and Model of All Virtues, Pope Paul VI, 13 May 1967
(Visit to Fatima: Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
See: Magisterial Documents: Signum Magnum

Marian Devotion: Various Forms of Marian Piety
Various documents that include devotion to the heart of Mary (mainly excerpts).
See: Magisterial Documents: Marian Devotion (Various Forms of Marian Piety)


Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is primarily based upon the Sacred Scriptures. In the New Testament, there are two references to the Heart of Mary in the Gospel according to St. Luke .... 
See: Immaculate Heart of Mary Devotion

Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady called for consecration of Russia to her immaculate heart.
See: Our Lady of Fatima


What is the Meaning of Consecration?
(This article includes:) "Dedication to the Heart of Mary must therefore maintain the vital unity between the Heart of Mary and the Heart of Jesus. We must confide ourselves to the Heart of Mary in view of our consecration to God. We offer ourselves to this divine consecration through Mary, for she points the way to the heart of Jesus."
See: Consecration, Meaning of

Your Questions: Saturdays Devoted to Mary
Saturday Devotions in Honor of Our Lady
Historical Background of the Saturdays in Honor of Mary
The Golden Saturdays
The Heart of Mary Saturdays
See: Saturday Devotions

Your Questions: What did Our Lady say about her heart at Fatima?
See: Fatima and the Immaculate Heart


Marian Prayer of Cardinal Newman
See: Prayer of Cardinal Newman

Litany of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
See: Litany of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Image Shown: Maria with Flaming Heart, Hinterglasbild, 18th century

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