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Hymn Contest Winners, MSA, 1996

Hymn Contest Winners, MSA, 1996

Winning Marian Hymns from MSA contest

At its annual meeting, held this year at Villanova University in Philadelphia, the Mariological Society of America announced the results of its year-long hymn search. Here are the composers, titles, and texts of the five hymns. In all cases, permission to use these texts must be obtained from the authors.



Blessed is she who believed
and cherished God's word in her heart.
Mary, you are God's chosen one,
His unblemished work of art.

Companion along our way,
Holy Church turns her eyes to you.
All-holy one, help us who sin
to find our way home through you.

Model of the Church at prayer,
with you we seek always God's will.
May we remain steadfast in faith
as you did on Calv'ry's hill.

Wholly transparent to God
you show us the way to your Son.
Be with us in life and in death
until life's great race is won.

You are resplendent with God,
your candled life held His love's flame.
Enkindle in us that great fire,
God's love to the world proclaim.

Copyright 1996 Sr. Marie Colette, P.C.C.
Poor Clare Monastery
28210 Natoma Road
Los Altos Hills, California 94022



1. We sing of a woman all ages have blessed,
in whom was all grace of her Maker and Guest.
We sing of a mortal whom angels applaud,
of Mary our mother, the mother of God.

2. With faith beyond vision she spoke her amen,
and Life was conceived who would rout death and sin.
Made flesh in her body, God's Word came to earth;
with love beyond measure the Virgin gave birth.

3. With trust in God's promise she welcomed the Word,
with tenderness, treasured events seen and heard.
With wonder she gazed on the face of her Son,
the Child of our longing, the all-Holy One.

4. With grief beyond weeping she stood at his side,
whom friends had deserted, betrayed, and denied.
Then Jesus, consoling both mother and friend,
gave each to the other, his love to extend.

5. With Mary, disciples were gathered in prayer
awaiting the Spirit, the Christ-life to share.
New-born and empowered, the Church found its voice,
and Mary, its mother, could not but rejoice.

6. We sing of a woman from sin ever free,
our mother, fair image of all we may be.
We sing of a woman now clothed in the sun,
the mother of Jesus, the Glorious One.

Copyright 1996 Dolores Dufner, OSB
104 Chapel Lane
St. Joseph, MN 56374-0277


BURNING BUSH AND HIDDEN ARK (for Advent and Christmas)

Burning bush and hidden Ark,
Pillar glowing in the dark,
And fountain sealed:
What the Scripture prophesied,
What their types presignified,
Now stands revealed.

Blessed Virgin, you believed
First of all, and then conceived
What you had heard;
There you chose the better part,
Pondering within your heart
The Incarnate Word.

Wholly free from Adam's guilt;
Dwelling-place that Wisdom built;
The second Eve,
Apple of your Maker's eye,
Whom the serpent's cunning lie
Could not deceive.

Stock of Jesse, Rose in flower,
House of God and Ivory Tower;
The full-of-grace;
Tent from which the lordly Sun
Leapt exulting forth to run
His giant race:

When the world was half-asleep,
But for shepherds with their sheep,
And Simeon,
At the turning-point of night,
Like a star emitting light,
You bore God's Son.

Glory of Jerusalem,
Since the child at Bethlehem
Is Christ the Lord,
Show us how the Trinity,
Now and for eternity,
Should be adored.

Copyright 1996 Michael Hodgetts
West Midlands, England



Nazareth Mary, chosen by God,
unsure of future days,
placing your heart in the heart of God
trusting in God's ways.

Bethlehem Mary, bowing low
over your new-born son,
wondering what each day would bring
before the years were done.

Calvary Mary, steadfast yet,
holding a heart of pain,
sharing the anguish of your son
until every drop was drained.

Easter Mary, who knows the joy
of a God who never fails,
Who asked your yes but also gave
the strength each yes entailed.

Faithful Mary, keep showing us
how graced we each can be,
accepting whatever is asked of us,
trusting God totally.

Copyright 1996 Marie LeClerc Laux, SSND
Milwaukee, WI



Tune: Forest Green or Kingsfold

1. O first-born daughter of God's grace.
You lead the vast array
of all who sing God's holy name
Through time to endless day.

Mighty God! across the spans of time
Your mercy still we sing;
With Mary we recall your deeds
And joy-filled praise we sing.

2. O true disciple of the Lord.
You call us to declare
the deep compassion of your Son.
God's peace beyond compare. (Refrain)

3. O woman, bearer of God.
Now midwife at the birth
Of God's own justice, God's great day:
The hope of all the earth. (Refrain)

Copyright 1996 Bernadette Gasslein
Suite 906, 9737-112 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 1L3 Canada


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