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Holy Week Colors for Mary

Holy Week Colors for Mary

Q: What are the appropriate colors for "Mary" to wear in the processions of Holy Week?

A: It is difficult to make a clear-cut vestimentary distinction between Our Lady of Dolors and Our Lady of Solitude. La Dolorosa refers mostly to Mary's place at the foot of the Cross, whereas La Soledad reflects the grieving mother left alone after the death of her Son. She is the typical Madonna of the days between Christ's death and resurrection, and thus frequently carried in procession on Good Friday evening or on Saturday before Easter. There are no strict rules regarding the color of their garments. Sometimes the Soledad wears a black veil during the processions mentioned in order to cover her otherwise colorful garments. The Dolorosa frequently wears a combination of blue and red. There exists a custom in Spanish-speaking countries to dress Madonna statues according to the colors of the liturgical seasons, special feast days or according to the color preferences of the donor of the robe. All of this makes it difficult to establish iron-clad rules.

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