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Fiat Rosary

Fiat Rosary

Q: What is the Fiat Rosary?

A: The Fiat Rosary is named after Cardinal Leon Suenen's Fiat Movement, which encourages total openness to God in imitation of Mary. Fiat is the word Mary used in response to the angel's announcement that she would become the mother of God. In a still other and even more profound meaning, it signifies Jesus' own faithful obedience to the Father in Heaven. Jesus' yes is dramatically revealed in Jesus' words," ... not my will but yours be done." For us fiat means to live in spiritual communion with the angels and saints in heaven, participating with them in a faith harmony based on faithful witness to Jesus Christ.

The movement is a voluntary association with a spiritual program that links the Holy Spirit and Mary. It considers evangelization a normal part of one's growth in Christ. There are no rules, no obligations or dues, each person participates in whatever way he or she chooses. But it is important that as Mary we kneel before the Holy Spirit in humble quest of transfiguration through his transforming grace.

The Fiat Rosary is an alternative to the classical fifteen-decade or Dominican rosary. It is shorter (seven-eight minutes), includes only part of the joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries, and comprises fewer Hail Marys. Here is its structure:

1) Joyful Mysteries (beginning with a blue bead):

Annunciation (three Hail Marys and Glory Be)

Visitation (three Hail Marys and Glory Be)

Nativity (three Hail Marys and Glory Be)

2) Sorrowful Mysteries (beginning with a red bead):

Agony (three Hail Marys and Glory Be)

Carrying of the Cross (three Hail Marys and Glory Be)

Crucifixion (three Hail Marys and Glory Be)

3) Glorious Mysteries (beginning with a white bead):

Resurrection (three Hail Marys and Glory Be)

Descent of the Holy Spirit (three Hail Marys and Glory Be)

Assumption of Mary (three Hail Marys and Glory Be)

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