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Crèches Bibliography of Children's Books


Movable Books: Pop-ups, Panoramas, Carousels, and Crèches to Create, plus, Additional Activity Books and Videos

Notes on using this Bibliography:

To add to your enjoyment and understanding of the movable books portion of this Bibliography, we offer below a series of definitions for the terms used in the descriptions.

POP-UP. A three-dimensional construction which rises, or pops-up, when the page to which it is attached is opened or turned.

DOUBLE-PAGE POP-UP. A three-dimensional construction which is attached to two contiguous pages.

FANFOLDED POP-UP. A three-dimensional construction formed by making slits in the page or pages from which it rises and then folding the slit parts into the desired form.

ROTATING WHEEL. A disc, mounted between two pages, which, when rotated, reveals special pictures or words through cut-outs in the page.

TAB-OPERATED MECHANICAL. A picture which changes when the attached tab is pushed or pulled.

CAROUSEL. A circular scene created by tying the covers of a book together, front to back, revealing multiple pop-ups.

PANORAMA. A “book” that stretches out in an accordion shape and stands up to reveal a scene on either one or both sides.

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