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Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

The following Nativities are each displayed in a unique permanent setting created by Marian Library Crèche Collection volunteers. The descriptive text for each was written by Father Johann Roten, S.M.

Nativity set from Ivory Coast
To the Farthest Ends
Katiola Artisans

The wealth of African nativity sets cannot be summarized in this one set from the Ivory Coast. In Africa, there exist many nativity scenes of different styles, frequently carved in wood or made from brass and soapstone. This set is from clay and painted with chalk. It has an ornamental beauty. Its sober lines and square volumes are reminiscent of contemporary art; the intricate and colorful design of the dresses is a hymn to life as only African culture may conceive it. The magi bring gifts, as they would, but they are outdone by a group of impressive women carrying on their heads heavy loads for the Child. The representation of the Child is remarkable as he lies or stands with outstretched arms within the open petals of a rose. There exists a longstanding symbolic relationship between Christ and the rose. He is the center of life and love.

– ML.0140.04



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