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Congregazione mariana delle case di carità

Congregazione mariana delle case di carità

The House of Charity, was founded to meet the needs of parish members by putting into practice a life of listening to the Word of God, finding Christ in the Eucharist and caring for the poor. The houses are not merely charitable but are a natural completion of the parish in which the house becomes a tabernacle where Jesus is welcomed as one of the poor. The life of the House of Charity is centered on Jesus Christ, who is praised, contemplated and welcomed in different ways and different situations, but everything starts from Him and returns to Him.

Biographical Information

Founder: Don Mario Prandi

Foundation: 1941

Ecclesial Recognition: Initial Church recognition by the Diocese of Reggio Emilia in 1956.

Membership: Albania, Brazil, India, Italy, Madagascar

Membership: in 2009, 161


Lay/Religious: religious

Individual/Community: community


Purpose and Activities

Overall Purpose: Service to others and personal sanctification.

Apostolic commitments: A special commitment is made to caring for the poor.

Marian Characteristics

Major Inspirations:

General Marian Characteristics: Organization is based on small "cottolengo," or old people's homes, each of which is named after a mystery of the rosary

Spiritual\Devotional Exercises: The rosary, enriched with many mysteries that present the life of Jesus, is a way to entrust to Mary. In the rosary, Jesus the Word guides us and shows us the way to grow in charity.

Pastoral/Apostolic Endeavors: The rosary is the favorite prayer of the poor, because it is simple and easy to pray.


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