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Commemorations of Mary in July

Commemorations of Mary in July


Memorial: Transference of Mary's veil, Armenian Church.


(In some countries) Feast of Mary's Visitation

Feast of Our Lady of Piat, Philippines.

473: Preservation of Maforion in the Church of the Blacherna (Byzantine and Armenian rites) (Mary's holy dress preserved there) celebrated as a feast.

1924: Solemn coronation of Our Lady of Madu, Sri Lanka (1944 new basilica; 1948 image on pilgrimage through all dioceses)

1949: Beauraing: Two sudden healings in June and July 1933 were given ecclesial approval.


Our Lady, Consolation, the Incurable


Feast of Our Lady of Refuge of Sinners


Feast of Mary's Seven Joys: 1. Annunciation; 2. Visitation; 3. Birth of Jesus; 4. Adoration of the Magi; 5. Finding in the Temple; 6. Resurrection of Christ; 7. Ascension of the Lord.


1952: Pope Pius XII in a circular letter, Sacro vergente anno, consecrated the Russian people to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Feast of the Apparition of the Icon Our Lady of Kazan, Russia.


Feast of Our Lady of Chiquinquira, Colombia.

Feast of Mary, Queen of Peace

Feast of Mary, Miraculous Mother

Feast of Mary of Holy Hope

Constantinople: Feast of a church dedicated to Mary under the title, "Over the Well," built by Emperor Leo (+474).

Sixth cent: Emperor Justinian built a church in Carthage dedicated to Mary, Our Lady of Peace. He also built churches dedicated to Mary in Tripoli and Morocco.

1548: Diaz Mendez founded the city of La Paz under the full title, City of Our Lady of Peace.

1827: The Picpus Fathers landed in Honolulu and began missionizing Oceania under the patronage of the Queen of Peace (cathedral titled Our Lady of Peace in 1840)

1923: British Cameroons: First church dedicated to Mary, Queen of Peace


Aachen, Germany: Day of Pilgrimage. Every seven years the "Great Reliques" are honored, among them a dress of Mary.


Feast of the Mother of God of Bistrica, Zagreb, Croatia. 

1917: Third apparition of Mary in Fatima. She allowed the children to see hell, requested afterwards devotion to her Immaculate Heart, the consecration of Russia, and the communion of reparation on the first Saturday of the month.


Feast of Mary Mediatrix, Maronite-Syriac Rite


Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (scapular feast).

1858: Eighteenth and final apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes in the Massabielle grotto.


Feast of Mary's Humility.


Feast of Our Lady of Trockerousa, Byzantine Rite

1666: Consecration of Canada to the Holy Family

1830: During the night between July 18 and July 19, the Mother of God appeared to St. Catherine Labouré for the first time. This vision is often referred to as "Virgin of the Chair."


1947: Canonization of the great Marian devotees Grignion de Montfort and Catherine Labouré.


Feast of Our Lady of Mercy (always on the Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July)

Feast of Our Lady of Einsiedeln, Switzerland. 

Feast of Our Lady of the Liberation of Captives.


Feast of Our Lady of Kaloja, Russia


Feast of St. Joachim and of St. Anne, the parents of the Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, Mary.


Feast of the Icon of the pure Godbearer of Smolensk, (Hodigitria, Lady who leads the way)


1456: Pope Callistus III ordered the ringing of the "Angel of the Lord" (the Angelus) from that day forward.


Feast of Mary, Promoter of Peace in Puy, France. 


Feast of the Densata, Mary's Conception, Ethiopian Church

2nd Sunday of July

Feast of Our Lady of Ocotlán, Mexico.

Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July

Feast of Mary, Mother of Mercy

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