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Church Teachings in the Early Modern (1600-1800) Period

Church Teachings on Mary in the Early Modern Period (1600-1800)

Teachings of the Popes and Councils on the Blessed Virgin Mary 

The bibliography below attempts to list the teachings, which include Mary, of the popes and councils of the Catholic Church from the Council of Trent (1545-1563) to the End of the Eighteenth Century. Marian content is briefly summarized in brackets. Sources are listed below.

Your assistance in providing titles and texts unknown to us and in various languages will be greatly appreciated.

Trent to the End of the Eighteenth Century

Julius III (1550-1555)
The Rosary

Paul IV (1555-1559)

Constitution “Cum quorundam”
7 August 1555
Marian Text:
Published in [DH1880=D993 BR6, 500-502]

Pius IV (1559-1565)

Bull “Iniunctum Nobis”
13 November 1564
Marian Text:
Published in [DH1862]

St Pius V (1566-1572)

Bull “Ex omnibus afflictionibus”
1 October 1567
Marian Text:
Published in [DH1973]

Bull "Ex iniuncti"
10 March 1568
Marian Text: [Holy House of Loreto]
Published in Latin [BR07, 659-661]

Constitution “Consueverunt Romani Pontifices”
17 September 1569
Marian Text: [Privileges for Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary]
Published in Latin [BR07, 774-777]

Constitution “Super Speculam Domini”
30 November 1570
Marian Text: [Prohibition of Debate about the Conception of Mary]
Published in Latin [BR07, 872-875]

Gregory XIII (1572-1585)

Bull “Monet Apostolus”
1 April 1573
Marian Text: [Feast of the Holy Rosary]
Published in [BR8, 44-45]

Papal Brief “Pastoris Aeterni”
12 October 1576
Marian Text: [Confraternity Confraternity of recommend. of the BVF Confalo]
Published in Latin [BR08, 145-148]

“Provisionis nostrae”
29 January 1579
Marian Text: [Condemnation of 79 Propositions of Michael Bajus]
Published in Latin [BR08, 314-320]

Sixtus V (1585-1590)

Bull “Intemeratae Matris”
1 September 1585
Marian Text: [Feast of the Presentation]
Published in [BR8, 591-592]

Bull “Dum ineffabilia”
30 January 1586
Marian Text: [Indulgences for Rosary]
Published in Latin [BR08, 659-662]
Bull “Gloriosae”
8 June 1587
Marian Text: [Chapel of the Crèche at St. Mary Major]
Published in Latin [BR08, 858-870]

Clement VIII (1592-1605)

Motu proprio “Pastoralis Romani”
15 July 1598
Marian Text: [Franciscan Reforms]
Published in Latin [BR10, 182-184]

Paul V (1605-1621)

Bull “Immensae bonitatis”
27 October 1615
Marian Text: [Transfer of Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Mary Major Chapel]
Published in Latin [BR12, 315-337]

Gregory XV (1621-1623)

Bull "Apostolatus officium"
4 November 1622
Marian Text: [Feast of St. Joachim and Anne]
Published in [BR12, 757-758 ]

Urban VIII (1623-1644)

Bull “Imperscrutabilis”
12 February 1623
Marian Text: [Militia of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary]
Published in Latin [BR13, 114-118]

Bull "Ex iniuncti"
17 November 1625
Marian text: [Confirmation of Approval of Holy House of Loreto]
Published in [BR13, 392-393 + BR7, 659-661]

Invocation, Blessed be the Immaculate Conception of the BVM
18 November 1625

Sacred Congregation Holy Office
23 January 1627

Papal Brief “Sanctae”
26 November 1631
Marian Text: [Permission to celebrate the Immaculate Conception at St. James of Compostela]
Published in [BR14, 253]

Alexander VII (1655-1667)

Bull “Sollicitudo omnium”
8 December 1661
Marian text:
Published in [DH2015-2017 BR16, 373-376]

Clement IX (1667-1669)

Papal Brief “Augustissimae”
17 September 1667
Marian Text: [Office and Mass of the Immaculate Conception for Jesuits]
Published in [BR17, 569-570]

Papal Brief “Sincera Nostra”
21 October 1667
Marian Text: [Office and Mass of the Immaculate Conception at Rome]
Published in [BR17, 583]

Papal Brief “Exigit”
31 October 1667

Clement X (1670-1676)

Papal Brief “Ad Pastorale fastigium”
20 August 1671
Marian Text: [Office of the Purification for Theatines]
Published in [BR18, 244-245]

Blessed Innocent XI (1676-1689)

Papal Brief “Apostolatus officium"
24 March 1679
Marian Text: [Carmelites in Portuguese territory celebrate Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel]
Published in [BR19, 167-168]

Papal Brief “Eximia et orthodoxae"
26 May 1679
Marian Text: [Extends Patrocinium of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the whole Church]
Published in [BR19, 173-174]

Papal Brief “Nuper pro parte dilecti filii Antonii de Montoy"
31 July 1679
Marian Text: [Confirms indulgences for Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary]
Published in Latin [BR19, 195-207]

Alexander VIII (1689-1691)

Decree "Sanctissimus dominus noster"
7 December 1690
Marian Text: [ ]
Published in [DH2324; BR20, 158-160]

Innocent XII (1691-1700)

Papal Brief “In Excelsa”
15 May 1693
Marian Text: [Universal celebration of office and Mass of Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary]
Published in [BR20, 522]

Bull “Sacrosancta”
5 August 1698
Marian Text: [Reform at Loreto]
Published in Latin [BR20, 834-839]

Clement XI (1700-1721)

Bull “Commissi Nobis divinitus"
6 December 1708
Marian Text: [ ]
Published in [BR21, 338]

Benedict XIII (1724-1730)

Papal Brief “Essendo Stato Commesso”
26 September 1724
Marian Text: [Indulgence for Angelus]
Published in [BR22, 101-102]

Papal Brief “Ex quo Sedes Apostolica”
1 April 1727
Marian Text: [Archconfraternity of the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary]
Published in Latin [BR22, 509-512]

22 April 1727

The year 1729 "Ad augendam"
29 January 1729
Marian Text: [Indulgence for visitation of Servite church on 11 February]
Published in [BR22, 768-769]

Clement XII (1730-1740)

Benedict XIV (1740-1758)

Constitution “Nuper ad nos”
16 March 1743
Marian Text: [Profession of faith prescribed for the Maronites Adherence to the Ecumenical Councils]
Published in Latin [DH2529, 2532, BB1, 114-116]

Constitution [Golden Bull] “Gloriosae Dominae”
27 September 1748
Marian Text: [The Church's devotion to Mary]
Published in Latin [OOB16.428-449]

Clement XIII (1758-1769)

Bull “Quantum ornamenti”
8 November 1760
Marian Text: [Election of the Great Mother of God in the Mystery of the Immaculate Conception]
Published in Latin [MBC02, 038-040]

Papal Brief “Cum primum”
17 January 1761
Marian text: [Concessions of an Office and a Proper Mass, following the request of the King of Spain]
Published in [MBC2, 55-56]

Papal Brief “Commissi”
16 March 1767
Marian Text: [ Reorganization of Roman monasteries of St. Bernard]
Published in[MBC3, 454-455]

Papal Brief “Eximia pietatis”
14 March 1768
Marian Text: [Addition to Litany of Loreto]
Published in [MBC3, 246-247]

Clement XIV (1769-1774)

Papal Brief “Ratio pastoralis”
21 November 1769
Marian text: [Office and Mass of the Immaculate Conception for Genoa]
Published in [MBC4, 119-120]

Pius VI (1775-1799)

Papal Brief “Pietatis”
26 June 1775
Marian Text: [Confraternity of the Redemption of the Captives of Lugano]
Published in Latin [MBC05, 161-163]

Papal Brief “Apostolici muneris”
29 November 1777
Marian text: [Concession of the Office and of the Mass of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows]
Published in [MBC5, 436-437]

Constitution “Divina Christi Domini voce"
20 September 1779
Marian Text: [Condemnation of the book, Neuer Versuch über die Weissagung vom Emmanuel, by John Lorenz Isenbiehl;
Recourse of German bishops to the Holy See]
Published in Latin [MBC06, 145-147]

Prayer: Sacred Congregation for Indulgences
5 April 1786
Marian text [Salve Regina; Sub Tuum Praesidium]
Published in Latin [(EI293; EI332) (EI333)]

Papal Brief “Pietatis, et christianae charitatis opera”
28 August 1787
Marian Text: [Confraternity of St. Hubert]
Published in Latin [MBC08, 406-408]

Invocation: Sacred Congregation for Indulgences
21 November 1793
Marian Text: [immaculate conception; pray for us to the Father]
Published in Latin [EI353]

Constitution “Auctorem fidei”
28 August 1794
Marian Text: [Condemnation of Propositions in book by Atto Bracali]
Published in Latin [MBC09, 395-419]

Bull "Nuper a congregatione"
21 November 1793
Marian text: [Proclaiming Our Lady the Patroness of Bethlehem]
Published in [MBC9, 418]
Sacred Congregation for Indulgences, EI353


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Other summary sources:
The Vatican website:
EWTN’s online Document Library:

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