Certificate in Marian Studies

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The Marian studies certificate is available to qualified students who do not wish to pursue the rigors of a graduate-level degree program or who may be lacking in some of the basic requirements for admission into such a program.

The certificate program involves taking foundational courses (30 quarter credits) in the study of Mariology and writing a research paper or project. The research paper (30 pages) is elaborated under the direction of a moderator and must be original.

The certificate program is available as a guided studies program. Courses must be completed by the end of the summer term 2019.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted, the applicant should submit:

Transcripts of previous academic work

A curriculum vitae

Two (2) letters of recommendation

Letter 1

  • Diocesan priests or seminarians should submit a letter from their bishop
  • Members of the consecrated life should submit a letter from their provincial superior
  • Lay persons should submit a letter from an ecclesiastical authority (e.g. parish priest)

Letter 2

  • All applicants should submit a letter from an academic authority who can acknowledge the student's intellectual preparation and ability.

Additional requirements apply for international students.



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