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Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and Theses by International Marian Research Institute Graduates

Graduates earned a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.) and/or a Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.) with specialization in Marian Studies.

Listed in alphabetical order according to last name.

Acosta, Elizabeth O. – S.T.L. – 2021
The Marian Theology of Saint Aelred of Rievaulx (1110-1167) as Present in His sermons, with Special Attention Given to the Reading-Cluny Collection

Adingra, S.M., Reverand Eugene Koutoua – S.T.L. – 2009
La pertinence de Ia foi de Marie dans les textes de l'Eglise les plus anciens (Ecritures) et les plus recents (Lumen Gentium et le Magistere depuis le Concile Vatican II) (The Relevance of Mary's Faith in the Oldest [Scriptures] and Most Recent Texts of the Church [Lumen Gentium and the Magisterium since the Second Vatican Council])

Adingra, S.M., Reverand Eugene Koutoua – S.T.D. – 2014
La place et le rôle de Marie dans l'église-famille de Dieu en Afrique : sur la base du rôle de la mère dans la famille africaine en général (The Place and Role of Mary in the Church-Family of God in Africa: Based on the Role of the Mother in the African Family in General)

Ahn, S.M., Brother Jung Han Beda – S.T.L. – 1994
A Comparative Study Between the Scriptural Images of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Kwuan Eum

Ajagbe, Reverend Sylvester – S.T.L. – 2001
The Place of Mary Among the Yoruba People of Nigeria (Diocese of Lokoja – A Case Study)

Alson, S.M.C., P. Javier – S.T.L. – 2001
La Corredencion Mariana: Un Estudio Sistematico de los Articulos Sobre La Corredencion en la Revista Estudios Marianos Deside el Volumen I AI Volumen LXIV (1942-1998)

Alson, S.M.C., P. Javier – S.T.D. - 2007
La Cooperatión De Maria Y De La Iglesia En Perspectiva Ecumenica

Armstrong, S.T.L., J.C.L., Christopher R. – S.T.D. – 1993
Under the Veil of the Virgin: The Gradually Developing Relationship of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Beachum, Reverend Edwin P. – S.T.D. – 1999
Francis and the Feminine: A Study of Women and the Blessed Mother in the Life of St. Francis

Boccardi, Brother Donald Raymond – S.T.L. - 1985
A Study of the Papers of the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Boccardi, Brother Donald Raymond – S.T.D. - 1995
Contemporary Attitudes Toward Mary in the United States: The Reception of Ecumenical Dialogues by Clergy and Laity of Eight Denominations

Bonacci, Reverend Louis A. – S.T.D. – 2002
The Marian Presence in the Life and Works of Saint Ignatius Loyola: From Private Revelation to Spiritual Exercises—the Cloth of Loyola's Allegiance 

Britt, John F. – S.T.L. – 1977
A Status Quaestionis and Analytic Study of the Use of Apocalypse 12 by Newman in a “Letter to Pusey”

Britt, Ph.D., John F. – S.T.D. – 1993
Newman's Use of Sacred Scripture in Texts on the Incarnation and Mary

Buby, S.M., Reverand Bertrand A. – S.T.D. – 1986
Research on the Biblical Approach and the Method of Exegesis Appearing in the Greek Homiletic Texts of the Late Fourth and Early Fifth Centuries: Emphasizing the Incarnation, Especially the Nativity and Mary's Place Within It

Buffer, Reverend Thomas – S.T.L. – 1998
The Mariological Doctrine of Charles Journet, 1891-1975: A Survey

Bulzacchelli, Richard H. – S.T.L. – 2009 2012
Mary and the Acting Person: An Anthropology of Participatory Redemption in the Personalism of Karol Wojtyla/PopeJohn Paul II

Bulzacchelli, Richard H. – S.T.D. – 2012

Calkins, Reverand Arthur Burton – S.T.L. - 1986
John Paul II's Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: Christological Foundation

Calloway, Reverand Donald H. – S.T.L. – 2005
Purest of All Lilies: The Virgin Mary in the Spirituality of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska

Campbell, Reverend Dwight P. – S.T.L. – 2004
The Foundations for the Historical Development of Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Relation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus: Anthropological, Biblical, and Patristic

Campbell, Reverend Dwight P. – S.T.D. – 2009
The Historical Development and Theological Foundations of Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Relation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Caro Osorio, Reverend Ernesto Maria – S.T.D. – 2009
La Virginidad de Maria: Virginidad por el Reino: Exploración complexiva del ambiente socio-cultura-religioso de José y Maria previo a la Anunciación y de su Motivación hacia un matrimonio celibatrio. Vida celibataria ante la realización del Reino en clave Mesiánico--Escatológica Mt 19, 12; 1Cor 7, 26 (The Virginity of Mary: Virginity for the Kingdom: A Complex Exploration of the Socio-Cultural-Religious Environment of Joseph and Mary Prior to the Annunciation and of their Motivation Towards a Celibate Marriage: Celibate Life Before the Realization of the Kingdom in a Messianic-Eschatological Key Mt 19,12; 1Cor 7.26)

Carvalho, Reverend Antonio J.C. – S.T.D. – 2008
A pessoa e a função da bem-aventurada Virgem Maria no livro aos sacerdotes Filhos prediletos de Nossa Senhora de Pe. Stefano Gobbi (Mary and the Marian Movement of Priests. A Comparative Study of Contemporary (magisterial) Mariology and the Presentation of Our Lady in Fr. Stefano Gobbi's Locutions)

Celestial, R.V.M., Sister Maria Rosa C. – S.T.L. – 2007
The Marian Character of Mother Ignacia's Spirituality

Chua, M.I.C., Sister Celia – S.T.L. – 2000
An Investigation on the Inculturation of Marian Devotion in Taiwan Catholicism: A Case Study of Marian Devotion at the Immaculate Conception Minor Basilica in Wanchin, Pingtung

Chua, M.I.C., Sister Celia – S.T.D. – 2006
Mary, Chinese Ancestor Veneration, and the Communion of Saints

Clough, Daniel M. – S.T.L. – 2021
St. Lawrence of Brindisi : Mary in the Psalms as Model of the Spiritual Life

Corradi, O.S.M., Reverend Giuseppe M. – S.T.D. – 2020
The Historical Evolution of the Marian Ideal of the Order of the Servants of Mary, in Particular, Considering Devotion to the Sorrows and Compassion of the Mother of Christ from 1233-1987

Davison, Reverend Timothy – S.T.L. – 1995
Immaculate Conception and Original Sin in Recent Authors: A Study in the Relationship Between These Two Doctrines

Dodd, Gloria Falcão – S.T.D. – 2011
The History and Theology of the Movement for the Dogmatic Definition of the Virgin Mary's Universal Mediation: 1896-1964

Duggan, Reverend Paul E. – S.T.D. – 1990
The Assumption Dogma: Some Reactions and Ecumenical Implications in the Thought of English-Speaking Theologians

Duricy, Michael P. – S.T.L. – 2000
Mary in Film. An Analysis of Cinematic Presentations of the Virgin Mary from 1897-1999: A Theological Appraisal of a Socio-Cultural Reality

Farley, Elizabeth – S.T.L. – 2011
Mary, the Mother of Jesus at the Wedding of Cana: The Principal Interpretations by the Latin Fathers from the Second-Eighth Centuries

Farley, Elizabeth – S.T.D. – 2013
The Use of the Wedding Feast at Cana, John 2:1-11 by the Latin Fathers in the Development of Marian Doctrine from the Second to the Eighth Century

Frisk, Sister Jean M. – S.T.L. – 1998
Mary in Catechesis. A Comparative Study on Magisterial Catechetical Documents and Religion Textbooks for Elementary Schools in the United States from 1956-1998

Garafalo, Robert C. – S.T.L. – 1988
Memory and Method: A Study of Bernard Longeran’s Notion of Conversion and its Implications for Contemporary Marian Theology

Garafalo, Robert C. – S.T.D. – 2009
The Mother of Jesus in the Cana Narrative (John 2:1-12), 1950-2005

Garcia Gallegos, Maria Enriqueta – S.T.L. – 2014
Madre de Israel: Definición del concepto a partir de una exégesis del tí ulo y de autores judíos de la actualidad, mitad del siglo XX a la fecha, buscando establecer posibles implicaciones en María de Nazaret (Mother of Israel: Definition of the Concept from an Exegesis of the Title and of Jewish Authors of Today, Mid-Twentieth Century to Date, Seeking to Establish Possible Implications in Mary of Nazareth)

Garcia Gallegos, Maria Enriqueta – S.T.D. – 2019
Maŕa de Nazaret, la madre de Israel (Mary of Nazareth, the Mother of Israel)

Gittens, Peter W. – S.T.D. – 1996
Magistra Apostolorum in the Writings of Rupert of Deutz

Glavin, O.F.M. Cap., Reverend Leonard – S.T.L. – 1987
The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, According to St. Thomas Aquinas

Glavin, O.F.M. Cap., Reverend Leonard – S.T.D. – 2005
Aquinas and Bonaventure On Mary, the Mother of God. A Comparison Between the Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Bonaventure on Mary, Mother of God

Greco, D.W., Sister Rosemarie – S.T.L. – 1988
Mary and the Laity: Transitions and Perspectives in their Roles and Mutual Relationship (1952-1987)

Handal, Marie Louise – S.T.L. – 2021
The Poetry of Saint John Henry Newman: Evolution of Mary's Image 1822-1890 and its Theological Implications

Iglesia Puig, S.M., José Ignacio – S.T.L. – 2020
La Santísima Virgen María en el programa iconográfico pintado por Jerzy Nowosielski en la iglesia parroquial de la providencia divina de Varsovia-Wesola de Polonia (The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Iconographic Program Painted by Jerzy Nowosielski in the Warsaw-Wesola Parish Church of Divine Providence in Poland)

Iglesia Puig, S.M., José Ignacio – S.T.D. – 2021
La Madre de Dios en el pensamiento y la obra de Jerzy Nowosielski: Su aportación a la Via pulchritudinis (The Mother of God in the Thought and Work of Jerzy Nowosielski: His Contribution to the Via Pulchritudinis)

Jack, Reverend John Robert – S.T.L. – 2015
San Juan de Ávila, Marian Preacher

Jiron, Keith Isaac Akira – S.T.L. – 2020
The Immaculate Mother as Foundational Principle in Mary's Role as Efficacious Helper, Teacher, and Intercessor in the Writings of Saint Manuel Gonzalez Garcia (1877-1940)

Jiron, Keith Isaac Akira – S.T.D. – 2021
The Mariology of Saint Manuel Gonzalez Garcia (1877 – 1940)

Kim, S.I.H.M., Kyounghee (Sister Maria Michaela) – S.T.L. – 2018
Mary’s Mission at the Foot of the Cross of Jesus in John 19:25-28a; in light of Isaac’s role in the Narrative of Abraham in Genesis 22:1-19

Kim, S.M., Reverend Timothy – S.T.L. – 2001
Mary, the Model of All Christians in the Gospel of Luke: The Realized Eschatological Perspective on Discipleship to Jesus as seen in Mary as the Model-Figure (LK 1-2) and Manifested by Various Characters in Luke's Parables

Kimball, Virginia M. – S.T.L. – 2000
Liturgical Illuminations: Marian Theology in the Ancient Eastern Orthros, Morning Hours

Kimball, Virginia M. – S.T.D. – 2003
Liturgical Illuminations: Discovering Received Tradition in the Eastern Orthros of Feasts of the Theotokos

Koelsch, James Raymond – S.T.D. – 2021
The Magnificat as a Model for Witness in the New Evangelization in Light of Papal Teaching Since Vatican II

Kulandaisamy, Rayar – S.T.D. – 2021
Vailankanni, a Marian Shrine in a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Religious Milieu: Toward a Model Theology for Vailankanni

Landolfi, S.M., Reverend Paul Joseph – S.T.L. – 1988
The Relationship of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary in the Writings and Life of the Venerable Fr. William Joseph Chaminade

Larocca, S.M.C., Reverand Antonio P. – S.T.L. – 2002
Magisterio y sentido de la fe: estudio de la relacion entre textos mariologicos del magisterio y la devocion mariana en: Latino America, Venezuela, y la Arquidiocesis de Barquisimeto

Larocca, S.M.C., Reverand Antonio P. – S.T.D. – 2003
La Maternidad Espiritual De Maria: Acontecimiento, Permanencia Y Actualizazion De Su Presencia

Lenar, Richard Eugene – S.T.L. – 2019
The Figure of Mary in Italian Opera: Theological Foundations and Technical Analysis

Lenar, Richard Eugene – S.T.D. – 2021
With the Bohoroditsa and Her Pokrov to Liberation: A Continuing Marian Presence in the History and Devotion of the Ukrainian Catholic Diaspora

Leo, Jr., Reverend Frank – S.T.L. - 2002
The Virgin Mother in the Treatises of Fra Girolamo Savonarola

Leo, Jr., Reverend Frank – S.T.D. - 2004
The Virgin Mother in the Sermons of Fra Girolamo Savonarola

Lon, Reverend Emmanuel Fale – S.T.D. – 2021
The Place of Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, in the History and Mission of the Catholic Church in (Anglophone) Cameroon, 1890-2020

Maroney, Reverend Simon Mary of the Cross. Carm., Nicholas M. (secular name) – S.T.L. – 2019
Seminary Life and Formation Under Mary's Mantle: An Exploration of Mary's Presence and Mission in Initial Priestly Formation

Maroney, Reverend Simon Mary of the Cross. Carm., Nicholas M. (secular name) – S.T.D. – 2021
Mary, Summa Contemplatrix in Denis the Carthusian

Mastrolia, Reverend Arthur J. – S.T.D. – 1998
Uncovering a Marian Attitude in the Works of C. S. Lewis

Mauriello, Reverend Matthew Rocco – S.T.L. – 2010
Venerable Pope Pius XII and the 1954 Marian Year: a Study of His Writings Within the Context of the Marian Devotion and Mariology in the 1950s

Mello, Reverend Alexandre Awi – S.T.D. – 2019
Maria-Iglesia: Madre del Pueblo Misionero, Papa Francisco y la piedad popular Mariana a partier del contexto teológico-pastoral Latinoamericano (Mary–Church: Mother of the Missionary People – Pope Francis and Popular Marian Piety)

Murphy, Reverend Myles P. – S.T.L. – 1999
The Life and Times of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Myler, Very Reverend John T. – S.T.D. – 2017
Mary, The U.S. Bishops, and the Decade of Silence: The 1973 Pastoral Letter "Behold Your Mother, Woman of Faith"

Nachef, B.S.O., Reverend Antoine E. – S.T.D. – 1998
Virgin Mother in the Thought of the Cappadocian Fathers. Published later as Mary: Virgin Mother in the Theological Thought of St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory Nazianzen, and St. Gregory of Nyssa

Naumann, Sister Rita Maria Isabell – S.T.D. – 1999
Cum Maria Ad Altare. Toward an Integration of Mariology and Ecclesiology

Nolan, O.P., Sister Mary Catherine – S.T.D. – 1995
The Magnificat, Canticle of a Liberated People: A Hermeneutical Study of Luke 1:46-55. Investigating the World Behind the Text by Exegesis; The World in Front of the Text by Interpretive Inquiry

Novotny, Ph.D., Ronald – S.T.L. – 1998
Mary, Fulfillment of Person in the Annunciation--A Study of the Dialogic Principle of Martin Buber and Hans Urs Von Balthasar. A Proposed Re-Reading of the Annunciation (as a dialogic event)

O'Cinnsealaigh, Reverend Benedict D. – S.T.L. – 2000
The Marian Theology of Adam of Dryburgh

O'Cinnsealaigh, Reverend Benedict D. – S.T.D. – 2006
A Presentation and Analysis of the Marian Theology Contained in the Sermons of Adam of Dryburgh

Padgett, Christopher M. – S.T.L. – 2019
The Life and Mariology of Father Juniper B. Carol, O.F.M. 

Peters, Sister Danielle M. – S.T.L. – 2006
Ecce Educatrix Tua: the Blessed Virgin Mary as Bother and Educator Towards Holiness Through the Schoenstatt Covenant of Love

Peters, Sister Danielle M. – S.T.D. – 2008
Ecce Educatrix Tua: The Role of the Blessed Virgin Mary for a Pedagogy of Holiness in the Thought of John Paul II and Father Joseph Kentenich

Presta, Very Reverend James – S.T.D. – 2014
Cornelius A Lapide's Biblical Methodology used in Marian Texts and its Comparison with a Contemporary Approach

Rhatigan, Laetitia – S.T.D. – 2012
Her will: The Writings and Works of Servant of God, Patrick J. Peyton, CSC, as They Reflect his Marian Spirituality

Roberts, Reverend Christopher George – S.T.L. – 2020
Ullathorne's The Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God (1904): Doctrinal Eclecticism, Pastoral Implications

Roten, S.M., Reverend Johann G. – S.T.D. – 1987
In Zeichen der Ellipse: Die anthropologish-marianishce Theologie Hans Urs von Balthasars (In the Sign of the Ellipse: The Anthropological-Marian Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar)

Roth, Gregory E. – S.T.L. – 1998
Ave Maria, o auctrix vite: Mary in the Visions of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)

Roth, Gregory E. – S.T.D. – 2012
Paradox Beyond Nature: The Marian Homilies of Germanos I, Patriarch of Constantinople (715-730)

Schafer, Stuart Alan – S.T.D. – 2021
The Dwelling of God: the Theology Behind Marian Ark of the Covenant Typology of the First Millennium

Scherschligt, Michael A. – S.T.L. – 2002
To Jesus Through Mary: History and Theology

Scherschligt, Michael A. – S.T.D. – 2019
The Development of the Historical and Theological Understanding of the Relationship of the Holy Spirit and Mary in the time between 1962 and 2005 based on Magisterial Documents and Theological Reflection

Sseriiso, Reverend Henry Matthias – S.T.D. – 2021
The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Life and the Writings of Father Frederick William Faber (1814-1863) In the Light of the Mariology of the Second Vatican Council and Subsequent Developments

Stahr, Reverend John-Luke (Jeffrey) P. – S.T.L. – 2020
The Blessed Virgin Mary's contemplation of the Eucharist : a study of Jean Gerson's Collectorium super Magnificat

Taylor, Reverend Brian P. – S.T.L. – 2020
The Marian Thought of Dom Columba Marmion, O.S.B. (1858-1923)

Tibbetts, S.F.O., James J. – S.T.L. – 1995
The Historical Development of Biblical Mariology Pre- and Post Vatican II (1943-1986 American Mariology)

Volz, Maria Amélia Wanderley – S.T.L. – 2021
The Marian Dimensions of Hokmah / Sophia: Integrating Exegesis and Theology, 1954-2013

Wiseman, O.P., Reverend Denis Vincent – S.T.D. – 2001
"Al Nome Di Gesù Cristo Crocifisso E Di Maria Dolce" Salvation and Mary in the Life and Writings of Catherine of Siena

Zalecki, O.S.P.P.E., Reverend Marian – S.T.D. – 1975
Theology of a Marian Shrine: Our Lady of Czestochowa


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