The IACT Collective

IACT Collective members are faculty, staff and Dayton community members who have identified an interest and commitment to IACT at ArtStreet's mission and vision. Their involvement ranges from team-teaching a session of ACT I to mentoring a group for ACT II to playing an active role in the development of our White Box Gallery installation season and related programming. 

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Roster (as of 10/26/16):
  • Amy Anderson, Center for International Programs
  • Adrienne Ausdenmoore, IACT at ArtStreet
  • Julius Bailey, Wittenberg University
  • Peter Benkendorf, Involvement Advocacy and The Collaboratory
  • Jana Bennett, Religious Studies
  • Donna Beran, Theatre
  • Phyllis Bergiel, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Ken Bloemer, Engineering
  • Kelly Bohrer, Fitz Center
  • Darden Bradshaw, Art and Design
  • Maria Burkett, Honors Program
  • Kevin Cane, Student Development
  • Anne Crecelius, Health and Sports Science
  • Meghan Dillon, Kettering City Schools
  • Sam Dorf, Music
  • David Dunn, UDRI
  • Sean Foster, Creative Lead Ambassador
  • Vera Gomes, OASSA
  • Kevin Hallinan, Engineering
  • Michelle Hayford, Theatre
  • Natalie Hudson, Human Rights
  • Glenna Jennings, Art and Design
  • Art Jipson, Criminal Justice Studies
  • Katy Kelly, University Libraries
  • Allison Kinney, Engineering
  • Brian LaDuca, IACT at ArtStreet
  • Sierra Leone, Multidisciplinary Artist
  • Amy Lopez-Matthews, Student Development
  • Karlos Marshall, IACT at ArtStreet
  • Shayna McConville, Cultural Arts Manager (Kettering)
  • Amy McEntee, Faith-Based Educator
  • Margaret Murray, Women's Center
  • Maureen O’Rourke, Marianist Pulse
  • Margaret Pinnell, Engineering
  • Kevin Poormon, UDRI
  • Joel Pruce, Human Rights
  • Mike Puckett, IACT at ArtStreet
  • Issa Randall, Visual Artist
  • Tracy Reilly, School of Law
  • Nichole Rustad, University Marketing and Communications
  • Liz Seager, Career Services
  • Christina Smith, Student Development
  • Carlos Stewart, Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Yvonne Sun, Biology
  • Rodney Veal, Multidisciplinary Artist and Host of “The Art Show”
  • Ernesto Velasquez, Philosophy
  • Versalle Washington, History
  • Susan Wawrose, School of Law
  • Zachary West, UDRI
  • Andrew White, Indigo Life Media
  • Chanel Wright, Center for International Programs
  • Andy Zavakos, School of Business
Collective Members Emeriti
  • Jillian (Slater) Ewalt
  • Tom Kenworthy
  • James Pate
  • Brandon Sipes

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