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Reservation Policies

Reservation Policies

Due to the fluid nature of COVID-19 guidelines, please refer to this document for the most current ArtStreet reservation policies (subject to change):

ArtStreet Event Policies 2020- 2021 >>


Scheduling Priority

ArtStreet facilities can be reserved by:

1.  University departments
2.  University faculty, staff and student organizations
3.  Individual students, staff, and faculty (case-by-case basis)

First priority is for activities relating to the IACT mission and objectives. IACT is the University department that operates the ArtStreet facility and outdoor Amphitheatre. IACT management reserves the right to determine appropriate use of space.

*Only University of Dayton departments and recognized student organizations may reserve the ArtStreet Amphitheatre.


For Fall term (August 20 - December 31), general requests will be accepted starting April 1.

For Spring term (January 1- May Graduation), general requests will be accepted starting November 1.

For Summer term (May Graduation - August 20 ), no indoor/outdoor reservations are accepted due to limited staffing, full use of the facility by the IACT summer program, and studio/facility maintenance and renovations.

If booking dates should fall on a weekend or holiday, reservation requests will be accepted on the weekday immediately preceding. Faculty applications for courses to be held at ArtStreet will be accepted prior to general request dates.


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