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Learn the Skills Employers Want

IACT now has micro-credentialing opportunities, in partnership with Education Design Lab. Students enrolled in our courses will have the opportunity to earn badges that can be added immediately and directly to their resume and LinkedIn profile, demonstrating to employers their ability to navigate applied creativity skills within their organization and setting them apart from other job/internship/co-op candidates. 

Micro-credentials are based on a formally approved set of standards or competencies; they are formally taught by an educator who is responsible for ensuring the student learns and demonstrates the expectation for awarding the micro-credential. Micro-credentials can be stacked, and are more immediately transferable than an academic certificate or minor.

The terms “micro-credential” and “badge” are often used interchangeably. Micro-credentials are the learning/earning experience and the badge is the technology used to display it.

Micro-credentials Course List

The micro-credentials currently being offered at the University of Dayton are authorized by Education Design Lab and issued by the University of Dayton through Credly's Acclaim platform, our official digital credential provider. Please visit this page on Acclaim for detailed criteria of each micro-credential.

These micro-credentials are being piloted in the following courses during the 2020-2021 academic year:

Micro-credentialing Courses 2020-2021
Creative Problem Solving UDI 371: Fundamentals of Applied Creativity (ACT I) (Taught by Brian LaDuca)
Collaboration UDI 372: Practice of Applied Creativity (ACT II) (Adrienne Ausdenmoore)
Critical Thinking UDI 372: Practice of Applied Creativity (ACT II) (Adrienne Ausdenmoore)

UDI 471: Vocational Innovation (ACT III) (Brian LaDuca)

HSS 202: Healthcare Professionalism and Contemporary Issues Seminar I (Dr. Tonya Breymier)

Initiative UDI 471: Vocational Innovation (ACT III) (Brian LaDuca)

UDI 472: Innovative Transformation (ACT IV) (Brian LaDuca)

HSS 197: Introduction to Healthcare Professions (Dr. Tonya Breymier)

Oral Communication UDI 472: Innovative Transformation (ACT IV) (Brian LaDuca)



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