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Retiree Insurance


The University of Dayton offers many benefits to its retirees.  They include recognition at the President's Recognition Dinner, life insurance, health and dental insurance, tuition remission, athletic ticket discounts, and the wellness program.  For specific requirements and eligibility, please refer to the employee handbooks.  

Health care and dental coverage is available for early retirees (under age 65) and Medicare eligible retirees (age 65 and older).  University contributions towards the cost of insurance depends on several factors.  Please refer to the Contribution document and rate charts below. 

The University currently intends to continue benefits for eligible retirees throughout their lifetime.  However, future changes in benefit costs or other circumstances may necessitate benefit revisions.  The University reserves the right to modify or eliminate benefits and the way they are paid at its discretion for any reason.  The benefit program is reviewed annually to determine if any modifications are required. 

The University also intends to continue the cost sharing benefits based upon the number of years in an eligible class at retirement.  However, to the extent that costs increase by an amount the University deems to be excessive, the University may limit its contribution to a lesser amount and the retiree's share of the contribution may increase.

Helpful Videos:

Health Care and Dental  Insurance - Retirees Pre-Age 65

Health Care and Dental Insurance - Retirees 65+


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