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Research Proposal

Guidelines for Preparing an Honors Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Application

The Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Application is a requirement of those writing a thesis and is due March 15 in a student's junior year. This proposal is the only thesis-related written work submitted to the University Honors Program (UHP) during the thesis process prior to the thesis itself. This is a student’s opportunity to formalize the concept for the thesis and make an initial attempt at explaining the preliminary work and goals to others. Please read the following guidelines closely, and submit any questions to the Associate Director of Research of the UHP.

Applying for a Thesis Fellowship

The other purpose behind completing the Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Application is that funds are available from the UHP to support student research. In fact, this is your only opportunity to request funding in support of your thesis work. Budget requests may be for any amount including no request for funding, but awards range from $100 to a maximum of $1,500 (except in the case of the Palermo Founders Fund—please see below). Please note that the decision regarding funding is made by a committee and evaluate each request based upon the merits and needs of the individual student’s research proposal.

Typically, a thesis fellowship is used to offset expenses such as the following:

  • Laboratory (or other research-related) equipment and supplies
  • Art supplies and equipment
  • The purchase or lease of computer software
  • Books or periodicals central to the thesis project
  • Costs for preparing, copying, and mailing surveys
  • Travel expenses directly related to the thesis project (automobile mileage, airfare, hotel, meals, etc.)

Fellowship funds are not awarded for expenses such as the following

  • Equipment, supplies, software or printed materials available through the University
  • Travel to conferences (a student whose thesis work is accepted to be presented at a conference which occurs before the student completes his or her undergraduate degree is encouraged to request cost-sharing from the UHP)
  • Personnel costs, including payments to research assistants or transcribers
  • Research and/or laboratory costs for research conducted off-campus (at another university, government lab or industry) under the supervision of an advisor who is not a full time faculty member at UD
  • Wages or stipends

Please note that all equipment, supplies, texts, etc., become the property of the mentor's academic department or program at the conclusion of the thesis process.

The Palermo Founders Fund

The Palermo Founders Fund was established to honor Dr. Patrick Palermo, the original director of the University Honors Program, and the students with whom he founded the program. This endowed fund provides support for a limited number of University Honors students who undertake Honors thesis projects of exceptional merit. Projects receiving funding must involve one or more of the following:

  • International research
  • Service and leadership in community
  • Work that advances the realization of a just society

These projects are expected to nurture connected learning and scholarship in the distinctive Catholic and Marianist spirit by emphasizing the value of collaborative research, the pursuit of social justice, and leadership and service in the community. In fact, these distinctive thesis projects are often not limited to scholarly research, but commonly incorporate research and service as well.

Students are encouraged to apply for the Palermo Founders Fund based on the merit of the proposal and independent of the amount of the thesis funds being requested in Section VII. The maximum amount of funding that may be received by a student whose Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Application is selected for the Palermo Founders Fund is generally $3000.

The Arnold Memorial Scholarship

The Daniel P. Arnold Memorial Scholarship was established by family and friends in memory of Danny Arnold, a distinguished member of the University Honors Program who exemplified servant leadership at the University of Dayton. This endowment provides a senior-year scholarship for one UHP student from the College of Arts and Sciences who exemplifies Arnold's qualities of character. Applicants awarded this scholarship must:

  • Submit the application as part of the Honors Thesis Proposal and Budget Request due March 15
  • Be rising Honors seniors from the College of Arts and Sciences committed to completing a thesis project
  • Show evidence of progress toward and commitment to earning an Honors Program diploma (at least 12 Honors credits earned toward an Honors diploma with thesis, or at least 15 Honors credits earned toward an Honors with Distinction diploma)
  • Submit quality thesis proposal materials in a timely manner (due March 15)
  • Submit a quality reflective essay discussing student's contributions as a leader in the University Honors Program and/or the University of Dayton, and what role the student's thesis research will play in life after graduation (500 to 750 words)
  • Demonstrate financial need (determined by the University of Dayton Office of Financial Aid)
  • Attend the annual Danny Arnold 5K Run/Walk to meet the Arnold family

The maximum amount of funding that may be received by a student whose Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Application is selected for the Arnold Scholarship is a one-time award of $2,500.

Evaluation Guidelines

The student can expect a proposal evaluator to consider this list of questions.

Sample Proposals

Thesis Proposal Sample 1:  Biology

Thesis Proposal Sample 2:  English

Thesis Proposal Sample 3:  Engineering

Thesis Proposal Sample 4:  Psychology

Thesis Proposal Sample 5:  Teacher Education

Thesis Proposal Sample 6:  Business

Proposal Submission

All Honors Thesis Proposal and Fellowship Request materials are due March 15.



The application process includes an on-line submission form where all materials (first combined into one PDF*) will be uploaded. Those materials include:

  1. Cover Sheet, completed and signed by all parties before being scanned
  2. Thesis Proposal and Fellowship Request
  3. IRB, RREC or other subject-testing approval materials, if necessary
  4. A resume or CV
  5. Please include your last name as part of all electronic document file names.


Your signature will be required on the bottom portion of the cover sheet which includes a statement that you have reviewed the proposal and find that the project, timeline and budget are all consistent and manageable for an undergraduate Honors thesis


Fellowship awards are announced in April.

*Saving a Word Document as a PDF


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