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Palermo Founders Fund

The Patrick F. Palermo Honors Program Founders Fund

The Palermo Founders Fund was established in 2004 and provides annual support for Honors students undertaking Honors Thesis projects that involve international research, service and leadership in the community, or which advance the realization of a just society. All of these are characteristics of the University’s distinctive approach to enhanced higher education in the Catholic and Marianist tradition. The endowed Dr. Patrick F. Palermo Honors Program Founders Fund is an example of the generosity of our alumni.

Fellowships that are awarded from this Fund are determined during the Honors Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Application process each year.

2020 Fellowship Recipient

Congratulations to the 2020 Palermo Founders Fund fellowship recipient:


Major:  Dietetics

Title: The Communal Integration of Cultural Assets to Combat Dietary-Related Health Disparities Within the Hispanic Population

"The purpose of the proposed research includes two phases: First, by working with community partners, we  will adopt both an asset and needs-based analysis to properly identify the specific nutritional needs of East Dayton’s Hispanic  population. On local terms, the Hispanic population currently residing in the East Dayton community, specifically in the Twin Towers neighborhood, is disproportionately affected by poverty and the aforementioned nutrition-related health disparities.  While the East Dayton area as a whole is affected by incommensurate poverty and food insecurity, the local Hispanic population has been identified as being more deeply affected as they are often detached and isolated from various community  outreach and assistance programs. East End Community Services and Mission of Mary Farms, two non-profit organizations in  the East Dayton area, have both expressed their inability to engage the Hispanic population within their nutrition community  programming. The conclusions drawn from the assessment results will then be used in developing and implementing a  culturally-tailored intervention to address these identified needs."




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