Hull Fellowships

Cordell W. Hull International Fellows Fund

The Cordell Hull fellowships, administered by the University Honors Program, are awarded each year to support transformative international learning, leadership and service experiences for Honors students.

The Benefactor: Cordell W. Hull

Cordell W. Hull earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, with honors, at the University of Dayton in 1956 and was designated a 1994 Distinguished Alumnus of the University. Mr. Hull established the Hull Fellowship Fund in response to the vision of  Brother Raymond L. Fitz, S.M, then president of the University, who recognized the increasing need for experiential international learning for the students at the University of Dayton.

Mr. Hull is the senior managing director of Infrastructure World LLC (IW). He previously retired from the Bechtel Group serving for many years as a director, member of the Executive Committee and a senior officer where he helped lead construction, engineering, development and investment activities for major infrastructure undertakings throughout the world. He has served as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, chairman of the Advisory Board of the Export-Import Bank of the United States and on many corporate boards throughout the world. Mr. Hull earned his Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from M.I.T. and his J.D. degree, cum laude, from the Harvard Law School. He also holds an honorary doctorate from the Dominican University of California where he is a Trustee Emeritus.


The Hull Fund is intended to support distinctive individual and group experiences, programs, activities, and projects for University Honors students to learn, lead, and serve in an international setting within the Catholic and Marianist tradition of UD.

Learning embraces, but is not limited to, research projects, study abroad programs, experiential learning opportunities and scholarly presentations that are integral to a student's course of study. These are experiences that promote multicultural and international learning and embrace a universal perspective.

Leadership includes, but is not limited to, active involvement in, and/or management of an international service project or agency, or a scholarly or professional organization where students develop skills, resources and compassion that are essential for effective leadership and conscientious service as good stewards both within and beyond the University.

Service is generally defined as active participation in any international project, activity or organization that strengthens community in the Catholic and Marianist spirit, embraces personal dignity, and values the environment and other aspects of the common good, all in the pursuit of peace and social justice.

Proposals that cross disciplines or combine elements of learning, leadership, and service are particularly encouraged.


Complete mandatory Hull Workshop podcast on Isidore in semester applications are due (registration details will be announced through Honors News & Notes eblasts).

Completed applications for WINTER AND SPRING TRAVEL are due October 15.

Completed applications for SUMMER AND FALL TRAVEL are due March 7.


Hull fellowships are dependent upon the number of projects to be funded and the quality of each proposal. Students eligible for a Pell grant are also expected to apply to the Gilman Scholarship (click here for more information).

Eligibility and Requirements

The Hull Fund is limited to students in the University Honors Program:

  • Students must have a 3.5 GPA or better [for students who entered the Program before Fall 2018].
  • Students must have a 3.6 GPA or better [for students who entered the Program Fall 2018 or after].
  • Students should have earned 6 or more Honors credits (see Earning Honors Credits).
  • Students must have completed 60 semester credit hours by the time of the international experience (see "Other Considerations")
  • Students can be awarded only one Hull fellowship.
  • Students must view the mandatory information podcast.
  • Students who are members of a Global Flyers cohort are not eligible for Hull fellowships.

Other Considerations

  • Priority consideration will be given to proposals for experiences of four weeks or more.
  • A student with fewer than 60 semester credit hours may apply for funding if he or she demonstrates that an early international experience best fits the student's academic plan and/or course of study.
  • A student with fewer than 6 Honors credits may apply if that student is an Honors Program member invited as a rising sophomore or a transfer student.
  • A student may apply for a Hull fellowship again if unsuccessful in previous attempts.
  • Priority consideration will be given to students with demonstrated financial need.
  • Other ways to receive funding for study abroad experiences are through the Boren and Gilman scholarships. For more information and descriptions of past University of Dayton recipients, go to Fellowship Advising and Fellowship Awards.

Examples of International Opportunities

  • Independent research projects requiring access to international resources
  • Presentation of research results at (or other participation in) international professional conferences
  • Service projects with recognized agencies at international locations
  • International study programs*
  • International proposals that cross disciplines
  • International projects that combines elements of research, leadership, and service, including experiential learning opportunities

* The international study programs may be sponsored by UD, outside universities, or other independent international programs.

Application Process

The Hull Fellowship application process is online (go to the University Honors Program tab on Porches) and available twice a year: for travel in the Fall and Winter of a given year, the application is due on October 15; for travel in the Spring and Summer of a given year, the application is due on March 7. The application will be available on Porches roughly six weeks before the deadline.

Please remember that you will need to complete a mandatory information podcast through Isidore. Check the Honors News and Notes to register for the meeting.

The application includes the following components:

  • General Information
  • Essays: Detailed narrative account of experience (1,250 words)
  • Supporting materials
  • Name of UD faculty member with whom you have discussed the Hull fellowship and your opportunity abroad; should there be questions about your candidacy, this faculty member will be contacted to discuss your application (no letter of recommendation is needed)
  • Confirmation and Authorization Signature

An Itemized Budget and Receipt Record (download spreadsheet here) is required upon your return. We recommend you use this spreadsheet to plan your trip and to keep track of receipts during your trip.

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria for the evaluation of each proposal include the following:

  • Strong rationale for participating in the experience, i.e., why is this the best international experience for the student personally
  • Length of the program (4 weeks or longer preferred)
  • Articulation of elements of learn, lead and serve
  • Completed application with excellent writing skills


Following the international experience, a detailed written report must be submitted to the University Honors Program office by September 15 (summer), January 15 (fall), February 15 (winter) and June 15 (spring) of the travel year. This report will be sent to Mr. Hull. The final report should accomplish the following:

  • Explain how the project met the criteria of research, service and/or leadership in an international setting.
  • Explain how the international experience benefited the student's professional development.
  • Consist of two to four typed pages (about 2000 words).
  • Be accompanied by two digital photographs showing the student's participation (the student should appear in at least one of the photographs).
  • Acknowledge appropriate thanks for the Hull funding which made this experience possible.
  • Submit the report with embedded photographs to Jill Talley in the UHP office in electronic format (Word document).

For fellowship funding each student must submit a detailed accounting with receipts attached by September 15 for a spring or summer semester experience, and February 15 for a fall semester experience. Please note expenditures cannot be reimbursed without the proper documentation and the final report. All expenses must be itemized in U.S. dollars (based on the current exchange rate, if applicable). Use the Itemized Budget and Receipt Record (download spreadsheet here) as part of your receipt documentation submission.


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