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Honors Housing

First-Year Honors Housing Options

There is no separate Honors residence hall; Honors students live in all first-year residence halls. In the first year, Honors students will typically be housed with other Honors students or with classmates in the CORE program. However, a first-year Honors student may have a non-Honors roommate. Depending on a student's major, an incoming Honors student may also choose an appropriate Integrated Learning-Living Community (ILLC) such as Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) or Business, Ethics and Environmental Sustainability (BEES).

Honors Special Interest Housing

There are opportunities to live in Honors Housing for junior and senior Honors students through Honors Special Interest Housing. More information and the application process for current students is on Porches.


Honors Program

Alumni Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0311