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Honors Housing

First-Year Honors Housing Options

There is no separate Honors residence hall; Honors students live in all first-year residence halls. In the first year, Honors students will typically be housed with other Honors students or with classmates in the CORE program. However, a first-year Honors student may have a non-Honors roommate. Depending on a student's major, an incoming Honors student may also choose an appropriate Integrated Learning-Living Community (ILLC) such as Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) or Business, Ethics and Environmental Sustainability (BEES).

Honors Special Interest Housing

There are opportunities to live in Honors Housing for junior and senior Honors students through Honors Special Interest Housing. Current students can find more information about this opportunity and the application process on Porches.

Honors students in their junior and senior years have the opportunity to live in an Honors Special Interest House. Students living in Honors SIH are expected to engage with the Honors community by creating a SMART goal and abide by all Special Interest Housing criteria and expectations. A SMART goal is essentially a community engagement plan for the academic year. Examples of past SMART goals include first-year Honors student mentoring/gatherings, a documentary film screening and discussion, cultural engagement events, prayer nights, and peer advising. Listed below are the criteria for applying:

  • The housing group contains 6 applicants, all of whom are rising juniors and/or seniors.
  • The majority of the applicants are Honors students in good standing with the Honors Program.
  • Each applicant must have a minimum of 8 PATH credits.
  • Each applicant completes the Individual Application for Honors Housing (application access will be given once the group contacts Michele McDonald).
  • The group proposes a SMART goal that aligns with the mission of the Honors Program (an example of the SMART goal application can be found here).

Applications will open at the beginning of November and close the beginning of December before finals week. If you are interested in applying for Honors SIH, please contact Michele McDonald at to gain access to the application and discuss possible SMART goals for community engagement.


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