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Chaminade Scholars

Chaminade Scholars Program

The Chaminade Scholars Program is an opportunity for interested Honors students to deeply explore faith, reason and vocation in an interdisciplinary  community. All Chaminade Scholars engage in a common set of seminar-style courses, retreats and leadership experiences. The course sequence will earn Honors credits towards a University Honors Program diploma.

Fifteen first-year students are selected for the Program, bringing together students of various majors who all have in common a desire to grow in their faith and understanding of who they are called to be and what they are called to do. Several retreats are provided through the program to establish deeper relationships among the Chaminade Scholars.

The students in the program enroll in three special seminar-style courses. These classes are designed to help them think about their own lives as a calling from God and to develop their skills as Christian leaders. Because The Chaminade Scholars Program is an intentional group of students who are focused on their vocation and relationships with one another, the conversations and class discussions are often more in depth and personally challenging than other courses they may take.

The Chaminade Scholars can be seen as a scholarly community--an academic group, a faith group and a group of friends. The combination of these three makes this a very intellectually influential and spiritually rewarding program.

Visit our video link to meet some past and current Chaminade Scholars:  click here

Membership and Benefits

To Apply

First-years students interested in the Chaminade Scholars Program can apply in late fall semester. The on-line application deadline is mid-January each year. Go to Chaminade Scholars Application Process for details and the downloadable forms. Please note that REL 103 or ASI 110 (CORE students) is a prerequisite to the Chaminade Scholar course sequence.


Chaminade Scholars are awarded a $2,000 annual scholarship payable at $1,000 over two semesters beginning their sophomore year and renewable annually. This scholarship will be added to the individual student’s other scholarships and the total cannot exceed the cost of tuition.

Maintaining Membership

To remain a Chaminade Scholar, the student must, at a minimum:

  • Remain an Honors student in good standing
  • Earn 9 Honors credits through completion of the Chaminade course schedule
  • Attend all required retreats and events unless specifically excused by the appropriate Honors Program Chaminade Scholar administrator.

All Chaminade Scholars are expected to exhibit responsible and respectful behavior, including academic honesty and a record free of disciplinary issues that cause concern to the University community.



Chaminade Scholars enroll in three special seminar-style courses. These are designed to help them think about their own lives as a calling from God and to develop their skills as Christian leaders. The courses satisfy selected requirements for the University's Common Academic Program and earn Honors credits.

REL 256 P1:  Faith Tradition: Prayer (3 credit hours)  Fall, Sophomore Year
A study of the act of faith expressed in prayer in several faith traditions and the use of prayer as a means of discussing God's ways in one's life.

SSC 200 P1:  Global Gods and Society (3 credit hours)   Spring, Sophomore Year

ASI 357 P1:  Vocation and the Arts (3 credit hours)  Spring, Junior Year
An exploration of ways  in which individuals have lived and expressed their vocation through the arts (including music, theater, literature, visual arts), using as examples those artists who have lived lives of discernment and discipleship. Students use autobiography as a tool for self-reflection and growth in the understanding of one's vocation.


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