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Honors Art Exhibition

Honors Art Exhibition

Honors students are invited and encouraged to submit creative works for the annual juried Honors Art Exhibition. As part of the exhibition, students from all majors can engage in self-expression while highlighting the visual arts.

So grab a paint brush, camera or some sculpting clay. The art show runs from January to November in the Alumni Hall Suite 125 gallery. If your artwork is among those chosen to appear in the exhibit, you’ll also take home a small scholarship.

Submitting Art for Consideration

Each year the University Honors Program welcomes new art from Honors students of any major. If you have work from the past or something you just created, please follow the process below to have your art considered.

  • Art will be accepted from early November to mid-January. (This will give you a chance to bring something back from home after break if you prefer.)
  • You may submit up to three pieces of art.
  • Two-dimensional work must be framed and ready to hang or your piece may not be considered.
  • Complete the on-line Registration.
  • Print out the Art Tag form (.docx), then complete and affix a copy to the back of each piece of work to be submitted.
  • Please bring your work to the University Honors Program, Room 124, Alumni Hall.

Honors Program

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