For students who have entered the University of Dayton prior to Fall 2013, the general education program helps you discover how to connect and integrate all of the courses from your undergraduate career.

The Competency Program commits all academic programs at the University of Dayton to the common purpose of developing distinctive graduates who possess the critical communication, reasoning, and information competencies they need to function effectively in their academic, community, and professional lives. The four competency areas are part of both general and graduation competencies.

General competencies form a base for effective written and oral expression, critical and quantitative reasoning, and processing and presenting print and electronic information. The general competencies are required for graduation in all four-year programs and are strongly emphasized in first-year courses and continue to be developed through a student's work in General Education, initial courses in the major, and lower-level electives.

Academic departments and programs define the graduation competencies. Graduation competencies emphasize further development and maturation of the competency areas through courses in the major discipline and upper-level electives.

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