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Procedures for Developing a Minicourse

Developing a Minicourse Program Course

General Information

Definition of Minicourse Program Courses:

Minicourse Program courses (minicourses) are distinct from regular courses at the university by their degree of flexibility. They may be course offerings that do not fall within the normal curricula of the university or they may treat highly specialized or especially timely subjects. They may also offer some variations of the typical two or three hour course by offering, for example, decimal fractions of a credit. The minimum credit for a minicourse is 0.5 credit hours, and all other assigned credit will be limited to increments of 0.5 credit hours up to a maximum of 3 credit hours. 

*Please note: the minicourse program is currently being evaluated. Details regarding new guidelines and processes are coming soon. 


  1. Contact the chair of the Committee on Minicourses (COMC) for course proposal forms and consultation concerning the course topic.
  2. New course proposals for minicourses should be submitted to the chair of the COMC in advance of the semester in which the course will be offered.
  3. The chair of the COMC will forward these proposals to the COMC for review.
  4. Once reviewed by the COMC, the minicourse will be assigned a course number and added into Banner. New proposals will also be scheduled by the chair of the COMC in time for students to register. Subsequent offerings of the minicourse will be scheduled by the department in which they are offered. 
  5. Students register for minicourses through Flyer Student Services as they would for any other course unless otherwise specified by the minicourse instructor.   
  6. Edits and updates to current minicourses are managed via the department in which they are offered. Current minicourses do not need to be reviewed by the COMC every semester. 
  7. Please contact Diane Helmick, chair of the COMC at 937-229-1706 for additional information. 

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