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Overview & Registration

Minicourse Program Overview & Registration

The Committee on Minicourses (COMC) is in the process of reviewing the minicourse program. For detailed information related to the program, please contact Diane Helmick at 937-229-1706.

General Information
Minicourse Program courses (minicourses) are distinct from regular courses at the university by their degree of flexibility. They may be course offerings that do not fall within the normal curricula of the university or they may treat highly specialized or especially timely subjects.

Registration for a minicourse is managed the same way as other courses unless specified by the instructor.

Proposal of a New Mini course
New minicourse proposals are prepared by the presenter, sponsoring faculty member, or department head. The minicourse proposal form is sent via email to Diane Helmick to be reviewed by the COMC and assigned a course number.


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