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Resources for Current Students

Resources for Current Students

You’re smart, savvy and studying hard for a better future. Graduate Academic Affairs is here to help you negotiate the details, recognize opportunities and solve any issues that arise during your time at the University of Dayton. 

Faith on Campus

The University of Dayton is committed to faith, service and community on campus. Graduate and law students like you have different schedules, primarily live away from campus and enjoy different lifestyles than many undergraduate students. Campus Ministry recognizes that you may need different ministry and pastoral counseling needs, and we have a dedicated campus minister for graduate and law students who works in collaboration with Graduate Academic Affairs and the Graduate Student Association to provide events, workshops, seminars and social events to you and your fellow graduate students.

Funding Opportunities

Graduate Academic Affairs provides funding opportunities to students who wish to do research, scholarship or creative projects during the summer semester. These opportunities are competitive awards offered on a limited basis, but are intended to support you while you are involved in your research, scholarship and creative work.

Council of Graduate Students

  • About
  • The Council of Graduate Students (CoGS) represents and advocates for the continual improvement of the graduate student experience at the University of Dayton.  Additionally, the council acts as a forum to acquire input from and disseminate information to the UD graduate student community.  CoGS also has an established relationship with the office of Graduate Academic Affairs and works with them to organize professional, social, and civic engagement opportunities for graduate students. 

Constitution of the CoGS

CoGs understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by the University of Dayton's policies. 

  • Membership

The Council of Graduate Students (CoGS) is always looking for new members, across all disciplines on campus, to join and help represent the interests of graduate students.  Joining CoGS is a great way to use your time and leadership skills to collaborate and network across campus and in the community. 

Membership is voluntary and open to any registered graduate student.  If you’re interested in joining, please e-mail Diane Helmick, Advisor to CoGS, at

  • Activities and Opportunities

Throughout the academic school year, CoGS helps organize and host several activities on campus.  Here is a sample of some of the things we’re doing:

  • Host the Graduate Student Welcome Reception
  • Host the Graduate Holiday Party
  • Host the Graduate Spring Fling

Additionally, the Council of Graduate Students serves as a pool of willing and dedicated graduate students who are ready to serve and represent the graduate student body.  Here are some of the ways members of CoGS are involved on campus:

  • Graduate representative on the Academic Senate
  • Graduate representative on the Executive Graduate Leadership Council
  • Graduate representative on the Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Task Force
  • Graduate representative on the UD Internal Advisory Group for the Fairgrounds project 

2016 Showcase Winners


Travel Support Funding

Graduate Academic Affairs also offers travel support for you if you are traveling to a conference to present a paper, do a poster presentation or serve on a panel as an invited guest. The department, deans’ office, and Graduate Academic Affairs will share the total cost of the travel expenses so that you can gain exposure for your research and scholarship, network with colleagues from other universities and professional organizations, and get experience in doing professional presentations. The Travel Support Request form and instructions are available on the Graduate Academic Affairs tab in Porches. For questions and additional information, contact Yolanda Copeland at 937-229-1706 or email


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