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Business@Dayton Deferment for Employer Reimbursement

Deferment for Employer Reimbursement

 Spring 2022 Business@Dayton Online Deferment (MBA and MBAN)


Application Fee/Application Deadlines:


The $50 application fee will cover deferment for any combination of Spring 2022 terms provided application deadlines are met.


•For your deferment to include A Term, apply by April 29, 2022.
•For your deferment to include B or Full Term, apply by June 3, 2022.
•To defer Immersion only, apply by June 21, 2022.
The Immersion fee covers direct program costs such as food, space rental, av equipment rental, and supplies (name tags, table tents, etc.) and is not included in the deferment .  Please pay this fee by the due date on your billing statement.
Deferred balance due in full:


August 22, 2022, after which a $100 late fee and interest charges (1% monthly) will apply.  Deadline is not negotiable and applies even if you have not received your reimbursement.


Please complete the following steps to ensure your application is processed successfully


1.  Apply for deferment after you have registered for Spring 2022.

2. Complete the required application information.

3. Upload employer verification documentation for Spring 2022. Click to see Accepted forms of verification

4. Agree to the deferment plan terms and conditions.

5. Submit the application.

6. After your application and documentation have been reviewed, a message will be sent to your University of Dayton email with instructions to pay the application fee. (Your deferment will not be complete until you have made this payment.)


Spring 2022 Deferment Application

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