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Physician Assistant 2022-23

University of Dayton Department of Physician Assistant Education 2022-23 Tuition and Expenses

Tuition and fees for the 2022-23 academic year varies depending on the cohort group and is detailed in the table below.  Please note these figures are based on current projections (including tuition) and are subject to change.

Click here for full details including tuition and specific fees for each semester.

Graduating Class of 2022:

Fall Semester total:  $13,220

Total Academic Year 2022-23:  $13,220

Graduating Class of 2023:

Fall semester total:  
$14,692 (with PALS, an optional offering)       
$14,477 (without PALS)

Spring semester total:   $13,209

Summer semester total:  $13,209

Total academic year 2022-23: 
$41,110 (with PALS, an optional offering)        
$40,895 (without PALS)

Graduating Class of 2024:

Fall semester total:  $16,337 - $16,472

Spring semester total:  $13,604

Summer semester total:  $13,604

Total academic year 2022-23:  $43,545 - $43,680


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