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General Information

It is time to decide what your semester will look like.

Whether you are a current undergraduate student or taking a graduate class for the first time, we are here to help. Choosing which classes to take is tough enough. Flyer Student Services has worked hard to make registering for a class easy.

Important Things to Remember

Tuition is set based on educational content, independent of the method of delivery.

Over 18 hours needs the Dean's signature.

Building Codes are listed as the location of the class.

Canceled Classes:  When departments cancel a section, they must notify the student(s) and the Registrar's office of the cancellation.

Change of Grading Option requires the advisor's signature.

Closed Classes require the Chairperson's signature.

Corequisites: If you are registering for a lab with a corequisite, you must register for the course first.

Permission Classes: Such courses are identified by a P in the section number (Ex. HST 103-P1) or by Perm in the Remarks column and require permission of the Chairperson before the beginning of the term.

Prerequisites: If you don't meet the prerequisites for a course, you must get your dean's approval if you are in the School of Engineering.   Otherwise, the Chairperson Signature from your department is required.

Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Classes numbered 500 level and above may not be taken by undergraduate students without prior permission from their advisor.


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