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2018-19 Undergraduate Tuition Costs Per Semester
Full-time – 12 to 18 credit hours 21,450.00
Each credit hour over 18 1,565.00
Part-time - 1 to 11 credit hours (per credit hour 1,565.00
Audit Rate (per credit hour) 783.00
Adult Degree Advancement Program (ADAP) per hour - 40% discount 940.00
Summer 2019 tuition charge per credit hour 1,565.00
2018-19 Graduate Tuition Costs per Semester
Masters, Arts & Science and Engineering per credit hour 925.00
MBA, MFin, MPAcc per credit hour 1,010.00
MBA@Dayton 1,290.00
PhD Biology and Engineering per credit hour 1,010.00
PhD Religious Studies per credit hour 770.00
Masters, Religious Studies, Fall and Spring per credit hour 645.00
Masters, Religious Studies, Summer per credit hour 445.00
MPA per credit hour 645.00
English (Teaching Track only) per credit hour 645.00
Bachelor plus Masters per credit hour 645.00
2018-19 School of Education and Health Sciences (SEHS) Tuition Costs Per Semester
Masters per credit hour 645.00
Education Specialists Program per credit hour 770.00
PhD per credit hour 830.00
Online courses for full-time Catholic Educators and Lalanne students 320.00
Professional Development Workshop 175.00
Professional Development Workshop - UD provided instructor 200.00
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) includes lab, professional, and clinical charges 11,360.00
Physical Assistant Costs by Cohort Group
Miscellaneous Graduate Charges
Audit Rate per credit hour (rounded to next dollar) 1/2 regular rate
University Charge per semester 25.00
Late Registration Charge ($25 per week) 75.00 max
Credit by Examination (EM credit) per credit hour 35.00
Law School Tuition
Full and part-time per credit hour 1,178.00
University Charge for part-time and summer term upper level 25.00

University Charge per term (includes $40 for Student Bar Association, $38.00 renewal/replacement and $17 graduation charge

Miscellaneous Law School Charges
Health Care & Counseling Center Charge per semester 79.00
Seat Deposit 400.00
Late Registration Charge - $25 per week 75.00 max
In Absentia (per semester) 750.00

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