Deferred Payment For Employer Reimbursement

The University of Dayton is pleased to offer an option to defer tuition charges for eligible students who receive employer reimbursement based on course completion and/or grades.

Graduate, ADAP (Adult Degree Advancement Program), MBA@Dayton Online,  School of Education and Health Sciences Online, Government Contracting MSL and MSL (Master in the Study of Law) students who are in good financial standing with the University may enroll in a deferment plan each semester for a fee.  A new application is required for each semester to be deferred.  Payment of the non-refundable application fee and employer verification are required with each application.

Eligibility Requirements

Graduate, ADAP (Adult Degree Advancement), School of Education and Health Sciences Online,  MBA@Dayton Online, Government Contracting MSL or MSL (Master in the Study of Law) student status

Employer verification of your current employment and eligibility for reimbursement is required each semester for the term you are applying to defer.  This documentation must be currently dated and approved, so you will need to obtain a new authorization for each future term you apply for deferment

No past due balance or collection history with the University

Terms and Conditions

Payment due dates are firm and not negotiable regardless of the status of employer reimbursement.  Past-due balances are subject to late fees and interest charges (1% monthly), and may prohibit future registration and participation in the deferred payment program.

Financial Aid awards/loans will apply toward tuition charges first and the remainder may be deferred. 

The deferment is an agreement between the student and the University of Dayton, and the student is solely responsible for meeting plan deadlines and for payment of all balances owed.

Charges for dropped courses become immediately due and payable.

Notification of monthly statements will be sent to your University of Dayton email address and may be viewed in My Payment Center (

You may obtain an unofficial transcript free of charge by emailing  Include your full name, student ID number, and attach an official picture ID.  Official transcripts will be unavailable while you are in deferred status.

The University of Dayton reserves the right to deny or cancel enrollment in the deferred tuition plan for students whose accounts are not in good financial standing.


Each application contains specific instructions and information on application and payment deadlines:

Fall 2018:

Graduate, ADAP, School of Education and Health Sciences Online - Apply for Deferment

Government Contracting MSL/MSL - Apply for Deferment

 Summer 2018:

Graduate,  ADAP, and School of Education and Health Sciences Online  - Enrollment is open for Session II courses only- Apply for Deferment

MBA@Dayton Online - Apply for Deferment

  • Government Contracting MSL - Enrollment for Summer has ended.
  • MSL - Enrollment for Summer has ended.



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