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1. Section Change through August 28- No signature required unless the course being added is closed, which needs the Department Chairperson's signature. After this date, the advisor and instructor must approve.
2. Course Change through August 28- No signature. If course being added is closed the department Chairperson's signature is needed.
3. Add Change Sections after August 28- Advisor and Instructor
4. Change Grading Options up to August 28- Advisor's signature only. After that date the Dean's signature is required.
5. Drop without record up to September 12- Advisor's signature ONLY.
6. Drop during the Drop with W period September 13 through November 12- Instructor's and Advisor's signatures.
7. Drop after the final day November 12- Dean's Signature

When do you need a Dean's Office Signature?
1. To drop after November 12.
2. To add anything after November 12.
3. To change grading options after August 28.

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