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Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency financial assistance is available to eligible students who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What assistance is available for students impacted by COVID-19?

Emergency financial assistance is available through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

How can I be considered for emergency assistance?

Complete the online application for emergency assistance due to COVID-19 disruption. Only current UD students (those enrolled during the Spring or Summer 2020 term) are eligible to complete the application. You must be logged into your UD email account to access the form. Applications will be reviewed within 14 business days and notification will be sent to the student’s UD email address regarding the outcome of the request.

Is there a deadline to apply?

There is no deadline to apply, but funds are limited so we encourage students to apply now. The legislation requires the University to grant these funds as quickly as possible, so we will provide awards as qualifying applications are received.

What expenses can be covered?

Emergency expenses incurred because campus operations were disrupted due to COVID-19, including food, housing, course materials, technology, healthcare and childcare. 

What is the CARES Act?

The federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund was approved by Congress to help college students facing financial challenges because of disruption to campus services caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The University of Dayton has nearly $2.6 million for CARES Emergency Assistance grants for students. The funds will be available until they are exhausted.

Who is eligible for the federal CARES emergency assistance?

UD students enrolled in the Spring or Summer 2020 term who have emergency expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus and are eligible to receive federal Title IV funding as determined on the FAFSA are eligible for this assistance. International, undocumented and online students are ineligible based on federal guidelines.

Are students enrolled in exclusively online graduate programs eligible for CARES?

The U.S. Department of Education clarified on April 21, 2020, that the CARES Emergency Assistance fund is not available to students enrolled exclusively in online programs. Specifically, University of Dayton graduate students enrolled in online programs, such as the MBA@Dayton, Law@Dayton, Master of Applied Behavior Analysis, Doctor of Education (EdD) in Leadership for Organizations, etc., are not eligible. 

I’m an international student and don’t qualify for the CARES emergency assistance. Is there other assistance I can receive?

International students who completed the application for emergency assistance due to COVID-19 disruption prior to May 20, 2020, were considered for assistance from the University of Dayton institutional funds. These institutional funds have been exhausted and are no longer available. Temporary Food Assistance remains available and you are encouraged to sign-up

How much Federal CARES emergency assistance can I receive?  

CARES emergency assistance will be awarded in amounts ranging from $100 to $2,000, depending on the student’s emergency needs. The total funds available are limited and the university’s priority is to help as many students as possible.  

How much assistance can I receive from the university?  

Students who are not eligible for CARES emergency assistance and who applied for funding before May 20, 2020, were considered for support from the university. This limited funding has been exhausted. Priority was given to students who enrolled in the summer term and who applied for and exhausted all other forms of financial aid available to them.

How will I receive the assistance?

Students receiving emergency assistance will have funds applied to their student account as a payment or financial aid. The funds will then be issued to the student in the form of an electronic refund or check. To receive funds electronically, students are encouraged to provide bank account information securely via My Payment Center in Porches.  

Will I have to repay the money?

No, money received from the CARES emergency assistance and support from the institution like the Student Crisis Fund does not need to be repaid.

Is it taxable?

As of guidance released on May 7, 2020, by the IRS, the CARES emergency grant is not taxable and should not be included in a student's gross income. Funds received from the Student Crisis Fund are taxable. International students may also have tax applied from their respective country (A W-8BEN will need to be completed for international students).

What if I have other questions?

Staff in Flyer Student Services can be reached via email at We ask for your patience and understanding as we respond to your questions as quickly as possible. Additionally, if you have questions about the Student Crisis Fund, contact Student Development at

What else is UD doing to support students?

In addition to the emergency grants, the University of Dayton has taken other steps to address financial challenges facing students and their families, including crediting student account for the shortened use of University housing and meal plans (see the March 17 message to campus), discounting summer tuition, and providing financial aid to eligible undergraduate students for summer courses (see April 10 message to students).