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Travel & Entertainment

Mission: To help University employees with compliance of established standards and guidelines regarding the expenses of individuals for University related business travel and entertainment while 1) ensuring University compliance with Federal/state tax laws and third party sponsoring agency regulations, 2) reimbursing University personnel adequately and fairly when traveling and/or entertaining on behalf of the University and 3) managing the usage of the University’s financial resources in a responsible manner. 

University Travel and Entertainment Policy: A fundamental piece of learning how the University's travel booking and reimbursement process works involves understanding the Travel and Entertainment Policy adopted by the University Policy Coordinating Committee (UPCC). Be sure to read and understand this policy before traveling to avoid misunderstandings about allowable and non-allowable expenses. Procurement and Payable Services' website provides additional guidance above and beyond the Policy to help you. If you have questions not addressed on the website, please call Procurement & Payable Services at (937) 229-3868.


Procurement & Payable Services

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