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Travel & Entertainment Expense Reimbursements


Download the Travel & Entertainment Expense Form here. 

IMPORTANT: The number that generates below is a unique number generated to assign you a number for your trip. Insert the number on your travel expense form in the field "Form Number."

Travel Form Number: 146845


Complete the Travel/Entertainment Expense Report in its entirety, including both the traveler's and the traveler's manager's signature. Complete the form, including the following fields:

  • Individual Name
  • University ID
  • Dates and Location of Travel and/or Entertainment
  • Department
  • FOAPAL string(s)
  • University Business Purpose
  • Attached detailed receipts for all single transaction expenses over $10. Travelers are encouraged to retain original receipts, but copies may be accepted when the original is not possible or practical. All charges must be submitted in U.S. Dollars. Any charges requested without a receipt (i.e. transactions less than $10) must be reported as the actual amount expended.

In addition to the above items, entertainment expenses must also include the following information:

  • Identification of the persons or group being entertained; and
  • Statement explaining the reason for such entertainment, the benefit of such entertainment to the University, and to clarify the relationship of the persons attending to the University’s programs or activities.

Traveler/Individual Responsibilities

The individual submitting the Travel/Entertainment Expense Report bears the responsibility to:

  • Verify expenses paid or reimbursed by the University are valid, actual amounts and conform to this policy and understand that requests lacking required documentation and/or business purposes will be questioned and may not be reimbursed.
  • Assert that expenses submitted for reimbursement have not been paid through a prior submitted purchase/payment request, expense report, cash advance, University P-card, outside agency, or other third party.
  • Submit all forms related to his/her travel and/or entertainment to the University via the appropriate approver within reasonable time frame stated.
  • Retain accountability for ensuring expenses are in accordance with this policy, even though the individual may delegate the Travel/Entertainment Expense Report preparation to an assistant. 

Approver Responsibilities
The approver(s) must have proper actual or delegated signature authority over the FOAPAL string requested and the individual. These responsibilities include:

  • Verify the purpose of the expense is valid and directly related to University business.
  • Request further documentation or explanation for expenses that appear excessive or unusual in relation to the nature of the business travel or entertainment. Explanations of these expenditures should be included on the Travel/Entertainment Expense Report.
  • Send the approved Travel/Entertainment Expense Report to Accounts Payable (Curran Place, Ste M2518, +7023) within a reasonable time period.
  • Understand that while Finance and Administrative Services staff may review the Travel/Entertainment Expense Report, the primary responsibility for the appropriateness of expenditures rests with the individual/employee and the individual responsible for department approval.

Procurement & Payable Services

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