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About Purchasing Methods

Purchasing Methods

Purchasing Methods

This page provides an overview of the procurement process and is meant to help you determine the best method to use when making a purchase. University departments are encouraged to contact Procurement early in the acquisition process to allow specialized buyers and contract specialists assist in the procurement process.

Choosing the appropriate buying method can be difficult.   Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.  We are here to help you as you consider which buying method is most appropriate. 



Purchasing Methods (in order of preference)



Runway is the preferred method of the majority of University transactions. Runway protects the University from risk, improves productivity by reducing time, touches and paper. It also allows the University to enable spend analysis. 


Preferred method for University travel, small orders where negotiated pricing is not possible and subscription/memberships.

On-Campus Requisitions

Only method for interdepartmental transactions. these can be used at UD Bookstore, Dining Services, and Print and Copy Services. 



In making a decision to procure items for use on a particular account, the shopper will usually want to know the cost of the contemplated purchase.  We continually strive to improve the assortment of products and services available through the Runway marketplace.  Where punch-out catalogs exist in Runway, the University has negotiated pricing, terms and conditions.  These items may include discounted pricing, free shipping, rebates or favorable payment terms.  We strive to present offerings that are best for the University in Runway so that you save time.  For more information about shopping in Runway, see the Runway Training page.  

There are many products and services that are not yet available in Runway.  In order to start the quote process, you will need to know the top suppliers to solicit.  If a supplier has provided the good or service to the University in the past, it can be viewed in Runway with help from Procurement.  In addition, Procurement can identify suppliers and get pricing for you.  For many types of purchases, we have a list of local and national suppliers and have contracts available for higher education that have been negotiated through a variety of group purchasing organizations of which the University is a member.   


When a purchase is estimated to be greater than $3,000, competitive quotations should be secured in writing. Competitive quotations are required for purchases on federal funds between $3,000 and $150,000, according to the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (“Uniform Guidance”).  Requesters and approvers of requisitions are responsible for certifying transaction competitive pricing and sourcing they create/request/approve.

University agreements, or cooperative agreements when possible and favorable, should be used when a purchase is estimated to be less than $3,000.

If the purchase is estimated to be greater than $10,000, competitive bids must be solicited. If competition is not attainable, a source selection / price justification is required.  Procurement and Payable Services may require a competitive bid when beneficial to do so.  Competitive bids including sealed bids, competitive proposals or sole source justifications, are required for purchases utilizing sponsored program funds over $10,000.

In accordance with the University Marianist values, Procurement and Payable Services will actively pursue and support business partnerships which include the Catholic Church, urban neighborhoods, regional efforts to revitalize economies and international immersion in the work of development, human rights and education.  Specifically, when evaluating new supplier relationships and bid awards, Procurement and Payable Services will have a preference for local or disadvantaged businesses as well as maintain a bias for post-consumer recycled or bio-based content.


Procurement & Payable Services

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