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eProcurement - Runway

eProcurement - Runway


Procurement activity on behalf of the University should occur using Runway.  Runway is the University e-procurement marketplace.  The University's procure-to-pay solution is available for all faculty, staff and students to take advantage of special negotiated pricing with our most frequently used suppliers.  Procurement activity includes the purchase and payment of goods and services.  A purchase order (PO) should be generated within Runway for all purchases as you place orders via specific Suppliers on the Runway Showcase or complete the Non-Catalog Purchases forms. In exceptional cases where a supplier cannot accept a PO, a payment request (ie. after-the-fact payment) should be generated within the Runway.

What will Runway do for me?

Runway is the University's e-procurement system for purchasing the goods and services you need.  Runway is designed to allow direct access to supplier goods and services at UD negotiated rates.  Runway provides savings at the departmental and campus levels resulting in the ability to reinvest those monies into the academic enterprise allowing more teaching and research at UD.

New to Runway?

  • Procurement and Payable Services offers basic Runway training upon request.  Users can find online training materials here.

If you have additional questions about how to use Runway or have a technical issue to report, email us at


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