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Employee Relocation

Employee Relocation Process



The University seeks to assist new employees whose employment requires relocation.  For this reason the following process has been established:

  • The University provides a moving allowance for full time faculty and staff who, in order to accept employment with the University, must change their permanent residence from beyond commuting distance to the work location.  The allowance is provided in order to cover a portion or all of the cost to move the household goods, one (1) “house-hunting” trip and the cost of final transportation to the work location.
  • The allowance provides for payment by the University of all allowable moving expenses, one house hunting trip and final transportation.  In the event that both the relocating employee and spouse are employed by the University of Dayton only one set of benefits will be authorized to relocate the family/household.  This allowance is reviewed periodically for adjustment by Human Resources.
  • Amounts paid by the University will be included on the employees’ W-2 report submitted to the IRS at the end of the year.
  • University of Dayton Research Institute new hires should reach out directly to UDRI purchasing at (937) 229-3822 or PURCHASING@UDRI.UDAYTON.EDU.


A. The Relocation Coordinator needs to be notified of an impending move by the Department by providing the individual’s name, current address, and phone number as soon as the employee accepts the position.  The Relocation Coordinator will contact the new employee, explain our policies, and then request local moving companies to contact the new employee to set up appointments to examine the household goods and to provide a written estimate. University of Dayton’s definition of an eligible relocation follows IRS move deduction guidelines including the Distance and Time tests and must be completed within one year of Date of Hire.

B. The employee who is moving should be certain that the mover inspects all items that are to be moved (including those in closets, drawers, basement, attic, garage, etc.).  Once the University is given an estimate avoid adding or withdrawing any items.  Be sure any heavy items such as books are included in the estimate.

C. The mover’s estimate should include the following items and details:

  1. Total charge for hauling to destination, including the number of miles estimated weight and tariff rate per 100 lbs.
    • Cost of packing, cost of containers, itemize number of barrels, boxes, cartons, etc.
    • Cost to unpack all items.
    • Total packing and unpacking charge.
  2. Insurance charge (declared value, rate and type of coverage).
  3. Normal appliance service (at both departure and destination).
  4. Loading and unloading charges, if any.
  5. Total cost for move:
    1. Estimated Costs
    2. Fixed Costs
    3. Applicable Discounts

NOTE: Only Item 1 should be an estimated cost since the tariff rates are applied to the actual scale net weight of the goods.  An accurate     estimate can be made, if all goods are made available for examination under items 2, 3, 4, and 5.  The University will pay other amounts listed  only if they do not unreasonably exceed the actual amount quoted.

D. Written quotations obtained as above should be forwarded to Relocation Coordinator or delegate, University of Dayton, 300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-7022.

E. The Relocation Coordinator or delegate is responsible to select an appropriate mover.  The University policy is to obtain at least three (3) quotations for moves being made at University expense.  A University Purchase Order covering the services desired will be issued to an agent of the moving company in Dayton.  The local agent will contact the mover in the employee’s current city of residence, who will contact the prospective employee.

F. Any damage incurred during the move should be reported immediately to the mover.  It is the responsibility of the employee to file any claims and to follow them through.  If Purchasing is notified that a claim has been file, it might be possible to withhold payments of the mover’s invoice until such claims are resolved.

G. The University will not pay or share the cost to move certain items including, but not limited to:  boats, more than one automobile, swimming pools, animals, trailer, firewood, lumber, bricks, play houses, plants, paints, auto parts; nor the labor for removing or cleaning curtains, carpet, or for the disassembly or packing of complex items such as pool tables, play equipment or antennas.  If such items are involved in a move please notify the Relocation Coordinator or delegate, who will have the items separately quoted.

H. If any unusual circumstances occur or questions arise that are not covered herein, please contact the Relocation Coordinator or delegate, who will obtain the necessary information or policy decision.  Office Phone – 937 229 2632.

I. Employees will be reimbursed accordingly for expenses incurred during their relocation by completing and submitting the Moving Expense Form along with the proper receipts.  Receipts are required for any item over $20.

House Hunting:

For new employees who are house hunting, the reimbursement policy covers costs of travel, food and lodging, while on a trip for the purposes of locating a new residence.  Receipts are required for any item over $20.

Final Transportation:

This policy also provides for reimbursement for the actual cost of transportation to the new residence.  Such costs include transportation, food, and lodging, if necessary during the trip involved in the actual move.  The University does not reimburse for personal items or extra trips during the move.

The University will reimburse for car rental or mileage incurred during a house-hunting trip or final destination to the work location at the established rate by the IRS.  


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