Campus Card Services

All residence halls on campus as well as a number of academic and administrative buildings require the use of the FlyerCard to enter the building during off hours. The FlyerCard has a RFID or proximity chip inside that can be read remotely by a proximity reader.  The card can only be read by a reader and does not broadcast any information.

Classes and labs with schedules entered in Ad Astra will have their doors unlock 15 minutes before class starts and lock 15 minutes after the class ends.  Meetings and events scheduled in Ad Astra will have their doors unlock at the start of the event and lock at the end.  

Faculty will have access to their classrooms the first day of the term and will lose access on the last day of the term. If access is needed outside of the regular semester, the department administrator should contact to request access.

  • If door access is needed, please contact the individual in your area who is authorized to grant access.  They will send an email to requesting access for you.
  • Grad Assistants must be registered for classes or fill out the "Graduate Student Certification Form" each semester in order to have door access privileges. This form is found under the Graduate School Tab on Porches.
  • If a card is lost or stolen, report it to Card Services at 937-229-2456 immediately or log on to MY ACCOUNT, choose the "Patron/Card Information" link and mark your card lost. In the evening or on a weekend, lost or stolen cards may be reported to any Dining Services manager or supervisor.

Department cards are used in place of requisitions for on-campus services or wherever Flyer Express is accepted. They are the responsibility of the requesting department. If a card is lost or stolen, it must be reported immediately to Card Services.

Department Card Types
  • Flyer Express - This account functions like a debit account. When the balance gets low, the department adds more money. Flyer Express may be used at the Bookstore, all Dining Halls, Print and Copy Services, at the Post Office and off-campus vendors and locations currently accepting Flyer Express.
  • Dining Dollars - This account functions like a debit account. When the balance gets low, the department adds more money. Dining Dollars may only be used at the dining facilities on campus (ie.) Kennedy Union Crossing, Marycrest, Virginia Kettering, The Emporium.
  • Charge - This account functions like a charge account. At the end of every month, the department is invoiced for the amount of money spent. The inclining account can only be used at the dining facilities on campus (ie.) Kennedy Union, Marycrest, Virginia Kettering, The Emporium.
Department Card Auditing
The Internal Audit Department conducts annual audits on departmental card transactions. Your department will be responsible for submitting original receipts and the business purpose associated with each purchase made. The business purpose should be written on the back of each receipt. Failure to submit timely audit reports may result in cancellation of the department card.

Attendance can be taken at any location with a card reader at the door. Two types of reports are available for taking attendance:

  • Class Attendance Report
  • Special Event Attendance Report

Class Attendance Report 

Students should present their FlyerCards to the reader outside of the room no more than 15 minutes before class or 15 minutes after class. Reports will be available the following morning. This report will keep a running total of attendance for the semester.  If you are interested in taking attendance for your class, please fill out the Class Attendance Report Request.  You will receive a confirmation email once your attendance report has been created.

Special Event Attendance Report 

This report will show the swipe time when the student entered the classroom and the time the student left. This report will be emailed to the recipients within 2 business days of the event.  If you are interested in receiving a special event attendance report for your special event, please fill out the Special Event Attendance Report Request.  A confirmation email will be sent to you once your attendance report has been created.

The University of Dayton Campus Card Services Office provides a Passport and Visa Photo Service to students, faculty, staff as well as the general public. Two pictures (2 inch by 2 inch) will be issued to be attached to your passport or visa application. The cost of the photos is $10.00. Cash, check, credit card, or FlyerExpress are accepted.

To find out more on applying for a passport visit the government travel website.


Flyer Express is an online, prepaid declining balance account that may be used to pay for purchases at participating on and off campus locations. The balance that is in your Flyer Express account will stay with you until you graduate or terminate all affiliations with the University of Dayton. At that time, your balance will be refunded to you if the balance is greater than $10.

How to make a Flyer Express Deposit

  • Add money using a credit card or ACH through our website by clicking on the "Add money to Flyer Express" link listed below.
  • Visit Card Services on the first floor of Kennedy Union, room 125. We accept payments of cash, check, or credit cards. Our office hours are Monday-Friday; 8:30a - 4:30p.

*Please note, per University policy, credit cards will not be accepted over the phone.


Where Can You Use Flyer Express 

Off Campus:
  1. Cousin Vinny's Pizza
  2. Dewey's Pizza
  3. Domino's Pizza
  4. Potbelly Sandwich Shop
  5. Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches
  6. Panera Bread
  7. Firehouse Subs
  8. Penn Station East Coast Subs
  9. Submarine House
  10. Buffalo Wild Wings
  11. Five Guys Burgers and Fries
  12. Smashburger
  13. Skyline Chili
  14. Hot Head Burrito
  15. Pita Pit
  16. Bibibop Asian Grill
  17. North Village Chinese Restaurant
  18. Fusian
  19. Zombie Dogs
  20. Pepsi Vending *on campus only
On Campus:
  1. Bookstore  *including campus vending machines
  2. Flyer Spirit
  3. Mailing Services
  4. Print and Copy Services
  5. UDit Help Desk
  6. Dining Services Venues
  7. Flyer Enterprises Venues
  8. Arena Student Concessions










Campus Card Services

Kennedy Union
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0611