Assessment Plans of Individual Units

The University of Dayton follows an assessment plan for the general assessment process at UD. Additionally, each individual unit (as defined by the executive leaders at UD) follows its own assessment plan, designed to best meet its particular needs. The unit plans are consistent with UD's overall assessment plan.

Unit assessment plans must contain each of the following:

  • Definition of the unit
  • Mission and goals of the unit mapped to broader university goals/mission/strategic plan
  • Outcomes mapped to university-wide learning outcomes as listed in the University Assessment Plan (Units are not expected to cover all of the university-wide learning outcomes but must map their outcomes to at least one of the university-wide learning outcomes.)
  • Accreditation requirements, if applicable
  • Assessment schedule - when each of the outcomes will be assessed
  • Definition of "players" - those responsible for assessment (individuals, committee, etc.)
  • Areas in which units will collaborate on assessment programs - joint efforts, if applicable (for example, general education and library literacy, or graduate programs and corresponding undergraduate programs)
  • Description of the process involved - what gets done by whom - define responsibilities
  • How assessment will be documented, including the assessment plan, revisions to the plan, measurement results, and actions taken as a result of assessment
  • How assessment results will be used
  • How assessment results will be communicated to constituents - internal and external audiences (both external to the unit within UD and external to UD, such as accrediting bodies, employers, and prospective students)
  • Measurements to be used, having sufficient sensitivity to identify specific gaps in student learning - include multiple measures, multiple sources, direct and indirect measures
  • Constraints, if any, of communicating results to external audiences
  • How information will be reported to the University Assessment Committee
  • How results will be tracked over time

Assessment Plans

In 2008 the University of Dayton redesigned its student learning outcomes assessment procedures to reflect a "less is more" philosophy (assess fewer outcomes in more detail each year). Listed below are links to the most recent assessment plans of individual units at UD using the new assessment protocols.

College of Arts & Sciences:
Biology: 2010
Chemistry: 2010  2011
Communication: 2009
Computer Science: 2011  2012
English: 2010  2010 supplemental info
Geology: 2008  2011
History: 2010
International Studies:  (none available yet)
Languages: 2011
Mathematics: 2010
Music: 2011  2012
Philosophy: 2009  2010
Physics: 2010
Political Science: 2010
Premedicine: 2009  2010  2011
Psychology: 2010
Religious Studies: 2010  2012
Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work: 2010
Visual Arts: 2009  2010
Women's & Gender Studies: 2010  2011  2012

School of Business Administration: 2008

School of Education and Health Sciences: 2008

School of Engineering: 2007

School of Law: 2008

Libraries2009  2010  2011

Student Development: 2009

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