The University of Dayton considers assessment to be an integral component of the daily operations of every unit on campus, both in the classroom setting and outside of the classroom. Units continually evaluate the success of their efforts and view assessment as a tool rather than a target. Even though assessment involves measurements and data collection, the emphasis of UD's assessment process is to bring about positive changes as a result of evaluating the information collected.

UD has adopted a set of seven university-wide overarching learning outcomes as guidelines for units to follow when drafting their student learning goals. These university-level goals include the areas of scholarship, faith traditions, diversity, community, practical wisdom, critical evaluation of our times, and vocation.

Hopefully units will find the links in this website helpful when embarking on the assessment process for the first time, or find useful information to enhance their assessment programs already in place. Questions can be addressed to any member of the University Assessment Committee

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