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Construction Maintenance is responsible to the University for specifying and ordering all interior and exterior signs as well as donor recognition signs and displays for campus use. This responsibility has been delegated by the office of Purchasing and consequently the guidelines are in the Purchasing Policy and Procedures as written by the Office of Purchasing.

CM staff are considered purchasing agents as it relates to these guidelines. Maintaining standards improves our customer service that we receive from the manufacturers and allows the University to provide equipment with quality and value as a standard. This also allows CM to improve our customer service.


Signage shall comply with the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and the following CM standards:

  • All signs shall have matte backgrounds (including Grade 2 braille) with white lettering
  • Lettering shall be 5/8″ high (minimum), raised 1/32″, upper case and lowercase Helvetica
  • Room numbers shall be 1″ high and mounting height shall be 60″ from floor to center of room number or sign
  • Room identification shall be installed on the latch side of the door whenever possible
  • All other required signage (e.g. directional signs for telephones, etc.) shall, in general, meet the above requirements
  • Special purpose signage, unable to meet the above requirements, must be approved by CM.

Naming of Buildings & Major Outdoor Areas

Because of its permanence and significance to the University, a building may be named or have its name changed only by the Board of Trustees, by the action of its Executive Committee, through their concurrence with a recommendation of the President. This same procedure applies to the naming of major outdoor areas of campus, such as courtyards, plazas and lawns. In cases of doubt, the President decides whether an outdoor area is considered major.

Naming of Rooms within Buildings

All commemorative names for rooms within buildings must be approved by the President. When the room is a portion of a newly built, remodeled, or refurbished building, candidate names are recommended to the President by the Vice President for Advancement and the Vice President responsible for the area in question. Ordinarily such names will commemorate donors or persons of special interest to donors. Names for rooms within existing buildings may be proposed to the President by the Vice President responsible for the area in question.

Signage & Plaques

CM is responsible for developing the signage, plaques, etc. that will display the name of the building, campus area, or room and explain the commemoration. Such signage will be reviewed, as appropriate, by the Vice President for Advancement, donors, and with campus standards.


Requests for interior or exterior sign purchases must be approved by CM. Please send all signage requests in writing and we will contact you to confirm your needs. Please allow a six week lead time to order interior signs and two months for exterior signs. We will assure that all signs comply with the campus signage standards, the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act standards.


David Schmidt
Assistant Vice President Planning & Construction Management
(937) 229-3769


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