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Renovation Process

All renovation work to be undertaken shall be clearly defined as to scope and budget in concert with the designated Construction Maintenance staff during Program Analysis. Where there are changes in use to be made, all aspects of code requirements including life-safety, accessibility, environmental, structural loading, mechanical and electrical considerations will be examined and recommendations made to insure conformance with codes and accepted practice.

Construction work for the University of Dayton campus shall comply with the applicable requirements of any Federal, State of Ohio, or City of Dayton, code, law, regulation or guide. For renovation work requests (i.e. painting, carpeting, remodeling, construction), please contact us well in advance. Requests for renovations needing to be completed in the summer (April-August) should be submitted no later than March 1, while January 30 is optimal. Normal lead time is two months before project start date.

Wireless “Readiness”

CM will routinely plan, budget and implement wireless data “readiness” in all new building projects on campus. This will include renovation projects that involve extensive electrical and data rewiring.

This readiness will include planning for:
  • Wireless Ready
  • Distance Education Ready
  • Notebook/PDA Ready
  • Disability Ready
  • Projection Ready
  • Pedagogical Readiness


David Schmidt
Assistant Vice President Planning & Construction Management
(937) 229-3769


Facilities Management

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2904