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Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management is responsible for managing the construction activities for all University projects.

A Project Manager will be designated by CM. All work relating to construction management will be directed by the Project Manager. The Project Manager will provide guidance and leadership to the project and the Building Committee to provide the University a completed project that is within the established budget, schedule, and quality, and meets the user requirements.

Operations will be involved in decision making relative to building operational systems quality, performance, and cost-effective maintenance issues.

Grounds will be involved in decision making relative to the care and coordination of all landscaping and site work, including utilities location, walkway locations, irrigation systems, and any other site work on the campus.

The Environmental Health and Safety Office provides advice and consultation in matters relating to the health and safety of faculty, staff, and students.

Process for Construction Standards

  • Provide and recommend cost-effective designs that achieve the quality facility requirement and provide all necessary value engineering to ensure funds allocated are utilized to the best degree.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant building, fire, accessibility, UFAS and OSHA codes regulations.
  • We have developed our standards and are responsible for ensuring these standards are met during construction. We are also responsible for verifying that the standards being used are current. As methods evolve with technological and social advances, our standards will be revised.
  • All design standards are organized in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format, Divisions 1 through 16.


David Schmidt
Assistant Vice President Planning & Construction Management
(937) 229-3769

Facilities Management

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