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General Maintenance, Carpentry, & Paint

General Maintenance

We perform general work of a semi-skilled nature, in the maintenance work and repair of buildings and associated equipment. This includes preventative and / or routine maintenance, inspections, cleaning, servicing and minor repairs of installed equipment and building systems. A 24-hour troubleshooter service is provided to answer after-hours service calls and respond to all emergencies reported to Public Safety.


The Carpentry shop performs general carpentry work in the alteration, repair and maintenance of building, floors, roof, walls, stairs, doors and windows. It also performs allied duties consistent with the installation of plasterboard, vinyl tile, acoustical ceiling, insulation, plastic and glass. The shop repairs or re-glazes window sash, hand doors, installs crash bars and miscellaneous hardware. In addition, local contractors are used whenever necessary.


The Paint shop performs all duties particular to the painting and decorating trade, following recognized procedures and techniques, for the general maintenance and decoration of walls, ceilings, windows, and doors as well as all other items. Local painting contractors are used for larger projects or for projects with fast-tracked schedules.


Sarah Barrett
Assistant Director HVAC Systems
(937) 229-3769


Facilities Management

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2904